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Every science student prepare for competitive exam in class 12th where KVPY SX is one of them. Many student dreams to become an astronomer and scientist so KVPY SX is what they can give. 

Well KVPY is an scholarship exam for those student who want to pursue their studies in basic science. You can give KVPY in class 11th , 12th and even in first year of basic science bachelor degree. 
If you want to give it in class 11th than you need to apply for KVPY SA whereas in case of 12th it’s KVPY SX and for your first year in bachelor degree of basic science its SB. We have a full preparation guide from chapters to eligibility to all the concept you need to clear for KVPY SB stream click here to read that article as well.
In this article I am going to share with you my personal experience during my KVPY SX stream and what mistakes I had done which you need to avoid during your preparation. You will find all the details from eligibility criteria,syllabus,Important chapters and weightage and importance of each topic for KVPY SX.

Importance of KVPY SX for 12th student:

KVPY SX is an scholarship program and if you are able to qualify this exam in your 12th than its an great opportunity because you have your career secured before even passing class 12th.

Some of the advantages of clearing KVPY SX are:

  • Admission in top institutes of India like IISc and IISER before clearing 12th
  • Scholarship 
  • Direct access in any library
  • Name on the official site of KVPY

By qualifying KVPY SX you get direct admission in top university of India like IISc or any of IISER which are some of the top university for bachelor degree in basic science.

On top of that you get scholarship of 5000Rs per month  from 1st to 3rd year during your bachelor degree and 7000Rs per month during your masters

Then you are issued with an identification card which is valid in any national libraries of India.

Eligibility criteria for KVPY SX:

Here is the eligibility criteria for KVPY SX if you willing to apply for KVPY SX:
Category Marks required in Xth in maths and science subjects (PCB)
General 75%
SC/St 65%
Pwd (person with disability) 65%

What if you your are not eligible for KVPY SX ?

Well if you are not eligible for KVPY SX  then you can give this exam in your first year of basic science bachelor degree and instead of KVPY SX your stream will change to KVPY SB. 
I have an whole detailed post about KVPY SB and preparation guide covering all the basic of KVPY SB. So here is the link of that article. 

Marking scheme in KVPY SX:

Your paper will be divided into two parts. Part 1 consist of a total of 80 questions (20 questions from each of the 4 subjects). A candidate can appear for any three subjects in part 1 so it means 60 questions in part 1. 

Part 2 consists of 40 questions (10 questions from each of the 4 subjects) and you can appear for any two subjects so it means you have to answer 20 questions from part 2. 

In part 1: For each correct answer you will be awarded 1 mark and for each wrong answer, 0.25 marks will be cut.

In part 2: For each correct answer you will be awarded 2 marks and for each wrong answer, 0.5 marks will be cut.

Refer to the below table to understand more:-

Subject Positive marks for each correct answer Negative marks for each wrong answer
Part 1: Physics 1 marks 0.25 marks
Chemistry 1 marks 0.25 marks
Maths 1 marks 0.25 marks
Biology 1 marks 0.25 marks
Part 2: Physics 2 marks 0.50 marks
Chemistry 2 marks 0.50 marks
Maths 2 marks 0.50 marks
Biology 2 marks 0.50 marks  

Syllabus of KVPY SX:

KVPY does not have any prescribed syllabus but KVPY SX is for 12th class students and from the previous year question papers we can have a list of chapters generally asked in KVPY SX.

So here is the list of chapter and syllabus for KVPY SX:

KVPY SX Physics Syllabus
Subject Chapters
Physics: Electromagnetic induction and Alternating current
Electromagnetic induction
Source of energy
Work,Energy and Power
Physical world and Measurement
Current Electricity
Magnetic Effects of Current

KVPY SX Chemistry Syllabus
Chemistry: Thermodynamics
Periodic classification of Elements
States of matter:Gases and liquids
Chemical kinetics
Chemical Reactions
Metals and Non-Metals
Solid States
Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Environmental Chemistry
Carbon Compounds
Classification of Elements
Periodicity in Properties
Surface Chemistry
KVPY SX Maths Syllabus
Maths: Coordinate geometry
Quadratic equation
Surface Area and volume
Introduction to trigonometry
Mathematical reasoning
Vector and 3-D geometry
Real numbers
Trigonometric function
Statistics and Probability
Relations and function
Linear programming

KVPY SX biology Syllabus
Biology: Genetics and Evolution
Life processes
Ecology and Environment
Cell: Structure and Function
Control and coordination in animal and plants
Plant Physiology
Human Physiology
Biology and human welfare
Diversity in living organisms

How to prepare for KVPY SX ?

KVPY SX is national level scholarship exam for class12th science student who want to pursue their career in basic science and don’t forget if you are going to appear for KVPY SX than your boards are also this year only. So a proper time management and planning is necessary for this.

Before planning for KVPY preparation we need to know when exam is conducted and procedure of exam.

Important dates for KVPY SX:

Events Dates
Application form: Can be filled now
Last date of application 20th August (5:00 pm according to I.S.T)
Admit card availability 2nd week of October
Exam dates 3rd November
Answer key released 4th week of November
Objection on answer key Till end of November
Final Answer key First week of December
Aptitude test result for SA,SX and SB December
Interview round Jan/Fab
Final result declaration April

Selection procedure for KVPY SX:

Well to qualify for KVPY you need to know how a candidate is selected and the process of clearing KVPY SX stream.
Step: after applying for KVPY exam your are provided  you have to give Aptitude test which is computer based examination. 
Here is the trend of KVPY SX previous year cutoff:

If you are from general category you need to score 57 marks at least in KVPY SX aptitude test to qualify KVPY and general or pwd category you need at least 40 marks in aptitude test.

Cutoff of SC/ST and Pwd are always same whereas for general category cutoffs were generally high due to reservation system of India

So here’s how selection procedure goes:

  1. You have to appear for  aptitude test and after that based on score in aptitude test shortlisted students are called for interview round. 
  2. There are various interview center of KVPY across India where selected student have to go for interview round.
  3. Based on your score and performance on aptitude test and interview round final results are declared with the list of student who are qualified KVPY.
So you need proper time management for preparation if you want to qualify KVPY SX and for that you need to priorities your important chapters.

KVPY SX/SB paper analysis:

P.s: KVPY SX and KVPY SB syllabus and subject difficulty is almost same so below is the difficulty and info based on KVPY SB but this apply for KVPY SX as well because there is no such huge difference.

Physics section:

No. of easy, medium and difficult level questions in physics SX aptitude test:

As you can see that around half the questions in KVPY SX physics are easy and other half are of medium difficulty level whereas difficult questions are less in physics section. 
Well here is the list of topics/chapters and number of questions ask from these chapters:

Chemistry section:

No. of easy, medium and difficult level questions in chemistry SX aptitude test:
Well here No. of easy questions are more compare to physics section but medium difficulty questions are less and no. of difficult questions are more.
Well here is the list of topics/chapters and number of questions ask from these chapters:

Maths section:

No. of easy, medium and difficult level questions in chemistry SX aptitude test:
 In maths No. of easy questions are less compare to physics and chemistry whereas you will find more number of questions with medium difficulty. Number of difficult questions are also more in maths.
Well here is the list of topics/chapters and number of questions ask from these chapters:

Biology section:

No. of easy, medium and difficult level questions in chemistry SX aptitude test:
Well in biology section here you will see far less easy question whereas most of questions will be of medium difficulty and some difficult questions will be present. 

Personal preparation tips:

Well, practise makes man perfect and therefore its important that you are prepared enough to qualify for KVPY SX. Well I didn’t had particularly prepared for KVPY SX rather I had prepared for KVPY SB. 
So here are some my personal preparation tip which you can use to prepare for any competitive exams. I will tell in detail that you need to each of these tips for KVPY SX in particular. 
  1. Proper time management
  2. Priorities your chapters according to weightage 
  3. Proper strategy to achieve your goals.

Proper time management:

So if you are preparing for KVPY SX then your are going to give this exam while you are in class 12th. So some key things which you need to realize here is:
  • Your KVPY exam will be held before your board in the month of November. 
  • You need to prepare for boards as well. 
  • During your interview round your practicals will be going on. 
May these all things have worried you but to counter all these, You need a proper time management. 
Here’s what I would do  do to manage if I was at your place to manage time:

  • Studies common topic/chapters which are in boards and KVPY as well. Will cear basic concept of these topics and try to solve conceptual question by this at the same time I can prepare for KVPY as well as boards.
  • Study for KVPY specially for 2hrs in a day there is no prescribed time you can study whenever you want where ever you want only goad you need to accomplished is to study 2hrs daily.
  • There can be scenarios such as practical journals and everything what I would have done is instead of writing whole journals in 1 or 2 days , write small small portion of it every day from the beginning of September only by this there would not be much load of journals during KVPY exam in November. 
  • Try to solve previous year KVPY SX papers. Link to papers and solution are given below in the important link section.
Must follow this tips at least this what I would have done to clear KVPY SX. There’s no need to worry KVPY test your concept only so try to focus on concept clearance as much as you can and by this you are also prepare for your boards. 

Priorities your chapters according to weightage:

Well priorities your chapters according to weightage they carry in exam. Clear concept and basics of those chapters first who carries most number of questions in exam and have high weightage. 
Here is the weightage of each topic subject wise in pie chart for your better understanding: 

So as you can see more number of questions are asked from mechanics so be prepare to have your basics cleared before appearing for KVPY SX physics and plan and priorities your chapters list accordingly.




After viewing these tables you will now have a clear idea that which chapter you should complete first and how to priorities your chapters list accordingly. 

Proper strategy to achieve your goals:

Now you know what you should prepare and when to prepare, Next tip I will tell you is to have a proper strategy in your mind from which chapters you need to solve first or which subject to attempt first and all these kinds of things.

To clear KVPY SX, smart work is also needed along with hard work.

Unlike KVPY SA, KVPY SX/Sb stream candidates have two parts in their question paper. In part 1 you need to attempt any of the three subject from PCMB whereas in part 2 you only need to appear for any two subject.

So ,Above I have given you difficulty level analysis of each subject in KVPY  SX and on basis of that you should appear for PCM or PCB but when you go for attempting part 2 you should go for Physics and chemistry only because number of easy question in both these subjects are high compare to maths and biology.

Well this depends on each individual on whether which subject you are comfortable based on their skills but this is what I will recommend you to go for physics and chemistry in part 2.

Bonus tip:

Solve previous year papers of KVPY SX. Link of paper is given in Important link section. Try to solve questions as if you are giving exam and manage your solving accordingly by this you will be able to identify your skills and have an idea of your capabilities about time you will take to cover each subject.

Important links:

So here are some of the study materials you can refer during your preparation for KVPY SX stream:

1. Last 5-year KVPY SX question papers

2. KVPY official Website

3. KVPY SX application form

If you are the one who is willing to prepare for KVPY SB as well. Take a look on this article where i have discussed both the scenarios of KVPY SB preparation if you are in 12th year and first year. So do  look if you willing to prepare for KVPY SB. Click here

Comment down if you have any query related to KVPY SX

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