Steps by step procedure for rechecking and revaluation in CBSE

Results are now in your hand and no matter whether it’s good or not, but if you are reading this article and searching for rechecking and revaluation then it means that either you are not satisfied with your marks or you are not eligible for certain competitive exam.

Well if you are checking for rechecking and revaluation process then you are at the right place.

First, let me tell you rechecking and revaluation procedure in CBSE whether it’s class 10th or class 12th, this whole process is broadly divided into 3 Steps:

  1. Applying for rechecking 
  2. Apply for a photocopy of answer sheet
  3. Applying for revaluation 

You may wonder, why there are two steps one for rechecking and another for revaluation. 

Well, many students get confused and consider rechecking and revaluation the same but the truth is they both are different and one can apply for revaluation only if he/she has completed step 1 and applied his paper for rechecking before.

Ahh.. don’t worry we will get into this and clear all the steps and queries in this article.

You see, not me but one of my friends have applied for the revaluation of his English paper a year ago and with the help of him I am going to provide you with all the steps as well as what are his some personal experience and things which are not been mentioned anywhere else.

Why rechecking and revaluation are two different things ?

As I said earlier that rechecking and revaluation both are different things but many students tend to get confused and most probably you as well.

Rechecking means that only totalling will be checked which means if you are giving your answer sheet for rechecking in CBSE then only two things are going to be checked:

  1. Whether totalling as been done correctly or not 
  2. Is there any answer which left unchecked

P.s: If there were some questions left unchecked then, they will check the answer and upgrade your marks accordingly.

On the other hand…

Re-evaluation means that the whole answer sheet will get checked again in case there were some correct answers where you are supposed to get marks but you didn’t. This will be checked during the revaluation process.

There are some rules and regulations and things you need to take care of in both of these processes which we will discuss in detail during the procedure of each step.

Steps (procedure):

So as I mentioned earlier, there are 3 steps in the process of rechecking and re-evaluation 1. Applying for rechecking 2. Applying for a photocopy of answer sheet and 3. Applying for revaluation.

So now we will discuss each of these steps in detail.

1. Applying for verification of marks (rechecking):

Things you will need to consider while applying for the rechecking of paper:

Visit the official site of CBSE to apply for rechecking. 

This process is an online and fee is taken through E-challan/payment gateway.

Fee for rechecking is taken through online medium only and not offline.

The result of verification marks will be uploaded online but in the case of a change in marks and mistake, a formal letter will also be sent by CBSE by speed post. 

An incomplete application or offline application will be rejected.

2. Getting a photocopy of your answer sheet:

P.s: You can apply for photocopy only and future steps only if you have applied for verification.

Things you will need to consider while applying for the photocopy of the answer sheet: 

If you have applied for verification of marks and want a photocopy of the answer sheet then apply for photocopy through the official website of CBSE. 

Here is the link to the CBSE official site from where you can apply for the answer sheet photocopy. 

– If you want to apply for photocopy then you will need to submit an application/undertaking form in the prescribed format given in the link above of the official site of CBSE with the photocopy of your admit card attached. 

– If you are applying for an answer sheet photocopy then you are not supposed to provide your answer sheet photocopy with any institution or for commercial use to any media outlet. Not even any person can give it to anyone on your behalf in such cases you will only be responsible and can be in trouble. 

– If somebody submits an application on your behalf or application is incomplete then, as usual, it will get rejected. 

–  On the provided photocopy of the answer sheet by boards, all the information regarding the examiner/evaluator or any other official of CBSE will be hidden. 

– In case an answer is not been evaluated or checked in your answer sheet then you need to report this to the regional office of CBSE within 7 days of time frame

– It is clear from the board side that board will not be responsible for any loss or damage or inconvenience caused to you because of delay communication for reason beyond control. 

P.s: Reason beyond control means that reasons which were not in control of boards nor you such as any natural disaster or something. 

– You can only request for answer sheet photocopy once, there will be no other chance so please don’t fill incomplete application else it will get rejected and fill all the details and attach all the documents (For eg. Admit card) as mentioned on official site of CBSE. 

3. Applying for revaluation:

If you have completed step 1 and step 2 and applied for verification (rechecking) as well as answer sheet photocopy only then you are eligible to apply for revaluation.

In the revaluation process, you will have to select questions from your answer sheet photocopy which you want to check again.

Those questions which you will select will be checked again in the case of whether you have not got the marks for a particular step which you should have.

If there is a change in marks or something, CBSE will inform you and provide you with the updated mark sheet through mail or speed post.

Is giving paper for rechecking worth it ? 

Definitely Yes! If you are preparing and planning to give some competitive exams such as JEE or NEET but due to bad luck, you are not eligible for it because of board results. 
For example, in JEE you are required to have 75% in order to be eligible for JEE or IIT
But that’s not the case for NEET, if you want to know more about whether you need 75% in board for NEET eligibility or other criteria regarding NEET eligibility then I will recommend you to read this article to get a clear idea. 
If this is the case with you, then definitely give it a shot because there are chances that after rechecking or revaluation your marks will increase and if you are falling back with a short margin then who knows you will be eligible and will not have to deal with improvement headache. 
Even if you are going for drop year then do consider giving your paper for rechecking, it will give you two advantages: 
  1. To become eligible after a drop year you will have to give an improvement exam next year, so why not try for rechecking ? There are chances that you can become eligible after revaluation and get free from improvement exam headache. 
  2. There is nothing wrong with giving your paper for revaluation because you will get a new report card whereas in case of improvement exam you will have to carry both original as well as improvement exam mark sheet with you.
If you are thinking that whether you should go for improvement or not, read this article, here I have discussed the pros and cons of the improvement exam it will give you a clear idea about improvement exam. 


So this was the whole procedure and things you need to know about rechecking and revaluation of CBSE board, I hope this article was helpful for you from my personal point of view there is no such negative point of giving your paper for revaluation.

Yes, there are chances that your marks can also decrease after revaluation but chances for this are very low so don’t worry about that. 

If you are a dropper or thinking to give improvement next year then definitely give it a shot maybe you will not have to give improvement after revaluation result gets announced 🙂

So that’s it for this article if you still have any query feel free to comment down we will definitely solve it.

Thanks for giving your time 🙂

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