Importance of Improvement Exam – Pros and Cons for Students

Imagine giving one of the most important exams of your life (At least from the society’s point of view !xD) and failed to score how much wished for.

But wait wouldn’t it be a good idea to go back in time and improve your marks by reappearing again, Sounds like a good plan right ? Only if time travel is possible at least not until the next few decades.

But still, it’s possible to improve your marks even without time travelling, and  CBSE called this as improvement exam. This exam gives you chances to appear again and increase your marks and till now it sounds like a good idea to give an exam and increase your marks again. So how can it be a bad choice if you are getting a chance to improve your marks once again ?
So therefore in this article, we will be covering the importance of improvement exams including some pros and cons and on top of that, we will discuss whether it’s a good idea for you to take give this exam or not. 
As I said earlier, the improvement exam gives you the chance to reappear for boards and improve your marks once again. 
It’s important and crucial for any students who want to clear some competitive exams such as JEE mains and JEE advance because you need to have at least a 75% aggregate percentage in your 12th board to appear for JEE advance. So if you are dreaming to get into IIT then giving JEE is crucial.

In scenarios where you have not been able to score 75% aggregate, with improvement exam you get a second opportunity to score and qualify the aggregate percent required.

If you want to know how to calculate your aggregate percentage in 12th board, we have a different dedicated article on that as well. Click here on this link it will redirect you to my article on aggregate percentage. Do check this article as well.

Pros and cons of improvement exam for students:

So all things have some pros and cons, so do the improvement exam. There are some rules and regulations you need to check before applying for improvement exam. We also have a dedicated article where we have talked about the rules of improvement exam as well. Do check that article as well.


  • As usual, you get a second chance to improve your marks. 
  • If you are preparing for any competitive exam and thinking to take a drop for that, you will get time to prepare for that as well because improvement exam is conducted next year with the next batch. 
  • Syllabus of CBSE remains the same so you don’t have to prepare anything new, just revise and clear your concept on a topic which you have learned already. 
  • If you manage to score improved marks in all the subjects, then you will no longer need to carry your previous mark sheet or combining both the mark sheet. 
  • You can appear for even one particular subject as well, but remember if you are preparing for any specific competitive exam check for any rules about improvement exam because in some exam such as JEE if you are appearing for improvement to qualify your 75% aggregate you will need to appear for all of the subjects. 


  • If you are planning to increase your marks, you will need to wait for a whole 1 year to appear and give the exam again. 
  • There is no form of assurance that your marks will be increased or not, it depends on you and how you have prepared in one year, but in scenarios where your improvement exam marks are less than your previous one, the best of two will be counted. 
  • It can happen that you get a difficult paper next year while appearing for the exam.
  • If you are giving improvement you will have to carry both mark sheets with you everywhere, therefore, best will be to neglect this condition is to improve your marks in all the subjects
  • Your improvement mark sheet will have ” APPEARED FOR IMPROVEMENT” written on it. 
This is how your improvement marksheet will look like 
If you are thinking to appear for improvement exam, we have a different dedicated article on our site as well where we have talked all about improvement exam and even gave you the detailed steps on how to apply and all the other details from my personal experience you should know if you are giving improvement. 
Click here to read that article it will redirect you to that. 

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