Difference between D Pharma, B. Pharma and Pharm D

Medicine related fields are one of the most promising career options in today’s modern world and when we hear about courses in medicine, only course which comes in our mind is B. Pharma. In-fact many people are still not aware about different courses available in medicine field like D. Pharma and Pharm D. 

This causes confusion between all the three courses and many a times due to similarity in names people interpret that every course is same whereas all these courses are different from each other. 

So therefore in this article, I am going to explain about B. Pharma, D. Pharma and Pharm D and how they differ from each other. 

B. Pharma is a bachelor level course whereas D. Pharma and Pharm D is diploma and doctorate level course respectively. D. Pharma is a two year course and after completing it you are eligible to open your own medical store or work as a sales person in medical field whereas after B. Pharma you will get better knowledge of pharmaceutical with a bachelor degree so that you are eligible for M. Pharma. 

B. Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy)D. Pharma (Diploma in Pharmacy)Pharm D (Doctor in Pharmacy)
B. Pharma is a undergraduate programD. Pharma is a Diploma level programPharm D is a doctorate level program
4 Years course2 Years course6 Years course
Syllabus consist of study and preparation of medicines and drugs for vast number of illness and diseases.Course syllabus is designed in such a way that students are prepared to work under supervision of licensed pharmacist.Syllabus of Pharm D is designed in such a way that students learn everything about medicines from its research, work and production in both clinical as well as medical pharmacy
You will not get the title of Dr. after this courseYou will not get the title of Dr. after this courseAfter completing the course you will get the title of Dr.


Now you have the basic idea about all these three courses so lets get into little brief. 

1. B Pharma:

B. Pharma also stands for Bachelor in Pharmacy is a 4 year undergraduate program for medicines. In this course you learn about medicines and drugs from its use to production of it for variety of diseases and illness. This course is mandatory if you want to become pharmacist because then you will need in depth knowledge of science of medicines.


Basic qualification for B. Pharma in India is class 12th Science PCB stream with minimum 50% aggregate in Science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) other then that, age limit is 20 years for unreserved category and 22 for reserved category.

Career options and job prospectus:

After completing B. Pharma there are many job opportunities in pharmacy sector. You can either open your own medical store by registering yourself under State Pharmacy Council or there are lot of job scope in both private and public sector where you can work in any pharmaceutical company as Analytic Chemist, Drug Inspector, Drug Technician or Drug Therapist.  

2. D Pharma:

D. Pharma also stands for Diploma in Pharmacy is another different course in Pharmacy which is a 2 years course. This course focuses more on training students to work under supervision of a licensed pharmacist in hospitals or other pharmaceutical fields.


Basic eligibility required for D pharma is class 12th with Science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Maths (PCM or PCB) as subjects with 50% aggregate in these subjects. 

There is no need to be from PCB background only to go for D Pharma even a PCM class 12th background student can apply for Diploma in pharmacy. 

Career options and job prospectus:

There is scope of D Pharma in many different sectors of pharma industry. For example, a person with D Pharma can easily find a job in health centres, chemist shops, pharmaceutical firms, research agencies, hospital and other pharma sectors as well

3. Pharm D:

Pharma D also known as Doctor of Pharmacy is another 6 years course including 5 years of academic study and 1 year internship. This is a good alternative for class 12th students to get into pharma industry but many people don’t know about it. Its a direct doctorate level course which means after completing it you will get the title of Dr. before your name.

There are two types of Pharma D courses:

  1. Normal Pharm D (6 year program) 
  2. Pharma D Post Baccalaureate (3 years program) 
Pharma D Post Baccalaureate is for students with undergraduate degree (B. Pharma) and wants to go for further studies. 


Minimum eligibility requirement for Pharma D course is class 12th with PCB background with 60% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

For Pharma D Post Baccalaureate minimum requirement is an UG degree. 

Career options and job prospectus: 

Pharma D graduates have more job opportunities then any other courses mentioned above, after completing the course you can work as pharmacist in government as well as private hospitals including many high pay different job profiles which are available in pharmaceutical industries and institutes. 

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