13 high pay career options after 12th PCM

Selecting a promising career for yourself is hard and confusing job specially for a teenager. While dealing with all the pressure of studies, it can be really confusing to choose the right path for you. You never know what’s going to happen in future but deciding right things in present can lead you to your dream life and one of those decision is career selection. 

That’s why in this article we will be talking about some of the the high pay career options after 12th PCM you can go for after completing your class 12th from PCM science stream. 

Career options after 12th PCM:

P.s: “+” sign denotes that you can earn more after gaining experience it depends upon your skills and experience you have there is no limit.

1. Aviation
    a. Commercial Pilot (1.6 lacks per month – 6 lacks per month)
    b. Air Traffic Control (3 lacks per annum – 9 lacks per annum)
2. Navy
    a. Merchant Navy (20K per month – 7 lacks per month)
    b. Indian Navy (6 lacks per annum – 28 lacks per annum)
3. Ethical Hacker
4. Data Scientist (5 lacks per annum – 20 lacks per annum)
5. Architecture (20K per montn – 70K per month)
6. Actuarial Science (5 lacks per annum – 20 lacks per annum)
7. Gaming
    a. Game Developer (5 lacks per annum +)
    b. Game Tester (3 lacks per annum +)
8. Mobile App Developer (4 lacks per annum – 10 lacks per annum)
9. Web Development (2 lacks per annum – 10 lacks per annum)
10. Physicist and Mathematician (5 lacks per annum – 10 lacks per annum +)
11. Astronomy 
    a. Astronomer (6 lacks per annum – 10 lacks per annum +)
    b. Astrophysicist (5 lacks per annum to 10 lacks per annum +)
12. Industrial Design (6 lacks per annum – 20 lacks per annum +) 
13. Teaching (7 lacks per annum – 20 lacks per annum)

1. Aviation:

Aviation industry is among the most promising industry in India in terms of career. With high salary, aviation industry also comes with other perks like travel opportunity around the globe. 


Aviation industry is huge and therefore it has many different job profiles you can go for depending upon what suits you. We will not be talking about aviation in detail in this article and will focus mainly on two job profiles 1. Commercial Pilot and 2. Air traffic control. Lets talk about each of them in brief in this article:

    a. Commercial Pilot:

Being a commercial pilot is among the most rewarding job profiles in aviation industry. Apart from having high salary, being a pilot includes other perks like travelling, thrilling experience and exposure.

Commercial Pilot

To become a pilot you will need a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) for which minimum age requirement is 18 years. Subject requirement for commercial pilot is class 12th with PCM science stream and minimum 50% to join a flying school. 

In India, one needs 250 hours of flying experience before working as a commercial pilot. As a fresher, one can earn around 1.5 lacks per month as a commercial pilot in India and with experience, salary can rise up to 5 to 6 lacs per month as well on international routes. 

    b. Air Traffic Control:

Air traffic control officer is another important job profile in aviation. This job profile comes with lots of responsibility where air traffic control officer is responsible for proper flying of air planes and aircraft and to make sure they are at safe distance from each other

Air Traffic Controller

First priority of air traffic control officer is safety and in case of emergency, air traffic control officer plays an important role by guiding the pilot, notify the required authorities and alert the emergency staff about what is needed to be done. 

Therefore this job comes with lot of responsibility and high salary package as well. Where one can earn anywhere between 3 lacks per annum as fresher to more then 9 lacks per annum after some experience as an air traffic control officer. 

2. Navy:

Navy is another good career option for many students in India. Navy also offers high stability and good pay scale in India with other perks including travel opportunity around the globe and meet other people and if you join Indian navy, you get a chance to serve the country and protect it. 

In Navy, you can either go for Merchant Navy which includes merchant ships and transport of goods from one country to the other via sea route or you can go for Indian Navy which includes defence of the country and a chance to serve the nation. 

So lets talk about each of them in brief to get you an idea about both the industries in Navy.

Merchant Navy:

Merchant Navy is the backbone of international trade and that is why this industry provides stability not only now but in future as well as trade is something which is crucial for any country’s economy. 

This industry not only provides a good future, scope and scalability but also offers you high salary and chances to travel and meet other people around the globe. 

If you want to know about how you can also be the part of this industry and join merchant navy, I have a whole dedicated article on our website on this topic click here to read that article to know more about merchant navy and how to join it. 

Salary in merchant navy can be anywhere around 20K per month to even 7lacks per month as well depending upon your post and designation. 

Indian Navy:

Indian navy is among the most reputed industry in India because you get the chance to serve the country. Apart from that, Indian navy offers respect and high salary income. 

Indian Navy

This industry offers you great stability and other perks from Indian government as well depending upon on your designation which you can increase with your experience. 

There are certain eligibility criteria which are needed to be fulfilled when you apply for merchant navy, one needs at least complete class 12th with PCM Science stream and with the aggregate of 75% in PCM and at least 50% in English. Apart from this, you will also need to be healthy enough to pass the physical examination to join Indian Navy. 

Salary in Indian Navy can range from anywhere between 6 lacs per annum to even 28 lacks per annum depending upon your designation. 

3. Ethical Hacker:

In this digital era, protecting data is top priority and with the innovation in technology everyday there is upcoming need of people who can protect this data from scammers and hackers. This is where an ethical hacker comes into play. The job of ethical hacker is to protect data and servers of the company from attacks. 

As an ethical hacker, you will not only be responsible to protect company’s data from hackers and attack but you will also have to find the security loopholes and bugs in the system. This career is in demand nowadays and there is good scope of it in future.

In general cyber security is a very important concern in India and with more people joining this digital era everyday in India, its becoming more critical for companies to hire a cyber security professional. According to a 2018 report of FIS (Finance Services Technology Providers), India has the highest rate of 18% online banking fraud in the world and this number has only increased in the recent years with more people getting digital.

P.s: This field not only required educational qualification but skills in the field as well. If you are someone who is interested and genuinely have passion towards it. Your skills will matter more then your degree or qualification. So only pursue this field if you are genuinely interested in it. 

4. Data Scientist:

Data science is new upcoming growing career with the revolution of digitalisation. As stated earlier, data is the new gold and that’s why there is an increasing demand of skilled professionals who can analyse all these data and take out valuable information from it but this is just a brief introduction of what data scientist does.

Data Scientist

In 21st century, career as a data scientist seems as one of the best career to opt for as there is a requirement of skilled data scientist but there is shortage of it. Data scientist are the backbone of IT industry digging out the actual important data for the company which is essential for growing a company in any industry. 

Every thing comes at the cost, similarly to become a data scientist apart from programming skills you will need to have others skills such as Communication, Statistics and Business skills as well because the data which you will have to analyse will require knowledge in all these 4 areas. 

The salary as a data scientist is huge, where a entry level job title of data analyst in this career is paid more than many fresher engineers. As an entry level data analyst can expect salary around 5-6 lacks per annum and with time and experience this amount can increase up to 20lacks per annum and beyond as there is no limit on how much a data scientist can earn in today’s era. 

You can easily do freelancing as a data scientist and earn around 100$-200$ per hour which is approx 7K-15K per hour in India rupee. 

5. Architecture:

Architecture is another great option as a career for 12th PCM students. In recent urbaninsation and development, demand of an architecture is huge but supply is less due to less enrolment of students in the course compare to other courses.

Real estate is a huge industry which is only going to grow in coming years, as an architect you will be responsible for not making your creation affordable but aesthetically pleasing as well. While designing a structure, an architect has to balance everything including function, technicality and aesthetics at the same time. 

Real estate is increasing not only in India but internationally as well which give this career international work opportunity and exposure as well.

Even though there is such a high demand of good professional architecture and despite of there being 200+ universities offering architecture courses in India, there is still a shortage of good and professional architecture needed and with time and upcoming urbanisation and industrialisation this gap is expected to increase because there are not many students who apply for this course.

In architecture a fresher can expect salary around 20,000Rs to 30,000Rs in India and with experience this can increase up to 50K-70K per month as well. In India, as of now architect are not paid well as compared to other countries but in upcoming years, due to more demand of good architect this will get change and the numbers are only going to grow.   

6. Actuarial Science:

Managing money is important but often we take money related decision casually which can end up getting us into huge debts. So how can a person identify the risk of a particular financial decision and lower the risk of it? Well this is where you will need the help of actuaries or actuarial science. 

Actuarial sciences is the study where a person learns to analyze financial risk, insurance and other money related sector with the help of mathematical and statistics method. This is crucial for almost everyone if you want to manage your hard earned money. This field involves study of mathematics, statistics, finance, economics and computer science. 

This profession is still unknown to many people but its gaining popularity recently. As an actuary, you will be asseting company’s stakeholders, board of directors and investors taking financial decision by identifying the financial risk, future growth, and analysis of data with the help of your skill. 

Many people misunderstand actuaries with chartered accountant as both these professions involve money, but the key difference between both of  them is chartered accountant deals with present situation of a company or an organization whereas actuary deals with the future of the company or organization. Both are equally important for any company to grow. 

Salary in actuarial science for a fresher starts with 5 to 6 lakhs per annum which can easily increase up to 15 to 20 laks per annum as well with experience. There is no limit on how much an actuary can earn if analytical skills are used properly. 

7. Gaming:

Gaming is an other upcoming career option specially in India. Everyone not only loves to play game but people like to watch it as well just like any other sports in the world, this is one of the reason why e-sports is getting famous all around the world and there is such a high peak in number of streamers everyday but career in gaming industry is not only limited to being a streamer, there are other options as well.

In this article we will be looking at two specific options in the field: 1. Game developer and 2. Game tester. So lets have a look at both the proffession in brief:


Game Developer:

Playing games is fun but if you love coding and want to take your gaming hobby one step further then game developer is the ideal profession for you. 

Game developer works mostly in team which includes creating a story, outline of the game, designing of character and other mechanism of the game. This is not a job of single person and you have to work and coordinate in team to make a good game. 

Game development has a lot more scope in other countries compared to India but in near future these things seem to change. Currently according to glassdoor, a game developer earns around 5 lacks per annum (source) whereas in US, a game developers earns around 50K $ per annum (source) which is around 36 lacks in Indian Rupee. 

So currently gaming studio don’t pay much here in India but in first world countries like US, you can earn good amount of money as a game developer. This low salary of game developer in India will change after 5-6 years as nowadays gaming industry is growing at exponential rate in India which will bring big gaming studios in India. 

Game Tester:

Career as game tester does sound exciting but brings us with a doubt of stability of the career specially in countries like India where gaming industry is new and people don’t see it like a reliable industry for career but things are different in the reality.

Gaming industry is growing exponentially in India and its already a huge industry in other first world countries like the United States. Huge gaming companies create games but they need people who can find bugs and glitches in the game, this is where game testers comes into play. Game tester plays games before launch to check for any bugs and glitches so that developers can fix those glitches before final launch to the audience. 

This is an exciting career as you are actually hired to play games and test them but currently it does not have a lot of scope in India as it has in other first world countries, but in future it will surely have with the growth of gaming industry. 

Currently in India, according to glassdoor a game tester can earn around 3lacs per annum (Source) which is pretty low compared to other job profiles but in foreign countries like US and UK, game tester earns around 30K $ per annum (source) which is around 22 lacks in Indian rupee. 

8. Mobile App Developer:

In this era of internet, smartphone usage to access the internet is increasing day by day. Number of smartphones users per million in India has been increase by 800% since 2013 (source). This rise in the number of smartphone users has given rise to another promising career option for many people which is Mobile App Development.

Mobile App developer

Almost everyone is engaging with different application present in their smartphones, which means every other company needs a person who can create such application for them for their users and this is where a need of mobile app developer comes. 

On an average, a mobile app developer can earn anywhere around 4lacks per annum to 10 lacks per annum in India which is not much if you compare it to other available career options but pay scale in this career depends more on your own skills and if you are good enough, there are endless ways to monetise these skills in upcoming days. 

9. Web Development:

Apart from mobile app usage, another career option which is on rise is web development. Internet is nothing but just a medium to surf all the web pages present online. Just like you are seeing right now and just like mobile application, this number of website will only go on increasing in upcoming future. 

Web Development

This will bring a growing demand of a skilled website developer who can create website for a company or an individual based on things they need. In this world of internet anyone can own a website but to make it function the way needed can only be done by a web developer. This increase in the number of website increases the scope of freelancing in this field as well. 

In India, salary in web development can range anywhere around 2lacks per annum to 10 lacks per annum (Source) depending upon skills and experience you have in the field. Not only this, but web development also brings a huge scope of freelancing which can be a good source of side income and in some cases this side income can be more then your primary income source. All that matters is skills of an individual.  

10. Physicist and Mathematician:

Physics and Mathematics goes hand in hand. Both the subjects are key part of science and both of these are important for scientific development and research. Person who studies these subject in depth are called Physicist and Mathematician. 

Both these professions are almost similar and have same career opportunities because as I said earlier physics and mathematics goes hand in hand. If you are skilled in your subject you will have many career option, you can become professor, researcher, scientist and even share your knowledge and experience with upcoming generation by becoming a teacher. All these professions are unique and will have scope every time. 

A Physicist or a Mathematician can earn anywhere around 5 lacks to 10 lacks per annum easily and even more then that, it all just depends on how much you are eager to learn and explore your subject and field. 

11. Astronomy:

Astronomy is all about observing and studying space. This gigantic earth and solar system including is just a very small portion of whole the milky way. The possibility of exploring and finding something in this big universe is just too high and this curiosity is something which drives us human to always learn and find something new and all this study and exploring of space can be divided into two main professions: 1. Astronomer and 2. Astrophysicist. Lets have a brief introduction about both these career option:  



Astronomers job is to observe this universe and try to find the answer of How this universe work?“. They observe and study our solar system, planets, evolution of stars and other things found in space to find out the mechanism of space and universe. 

Starting salary of an astronomer is around 50K per month and with experience this can increase up to 8 lacs to 15 lacs per annum.


Job of an Astrophysicist is slightly different from an Astronomer. Astrophysicist study the physics of the outer space and universe along with the study of different interaction occurs in the nature with the use of their knowledge in Physics, Maths and Computer. They try to find out secrets behind formation of space, universe, planets and stars.

On an average, an Astrophysicist can earn anywhere around 5 lacs to 10 lacs per annum and even more depending upon knowledge and experience. 

12. Industrial Design:

Industrial Design is a unique field in its own. Industrial designer creates the design of manufactured product by applying their knowledge and skills in engineering, arts and business to make product efficient, aesthetically pleasing and affordable at the same time. 

Industrial Design

Almost every industry needs an Industrial Designer to improve their product in every aspect and that’s why most of the work scope in the field is in manufacturing department of the company. Industrial Designers develop the concept of products like car, home appliances, electronic gadgets and toys. 

On an average, an Industrial Designer can earn around 6 lacks per annum which can even increase up to 15-20 lacks per annum as well depending upon skills and experience. 

13. Teaching:

Sharing knowledge and giving guidance to the new generation is one of the best profession a person can take in its life. There is nothing good then sharing knowledge with others because knowledge grows with sharing and this is the job which a teacher does.


Teaching and guiding someone in life is one of the best profession to be in and no one can every repay the debt of a teacher with any amount of money. This is why, a teacher is considered above everyone in Indian culture. 

On an average, a teacher can earn anywhere around 7 lacks per annum to even 20 lacks per annum as well, there is no limit to that but all that matters is the experience and teaching skills of a teacher. 

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