Top Courses to go for After 12th Arts for High Paying Jobs

In this article, we have talked about high pay career options after 12th arts. We have discussed different courses available after completing 12th with the art stream and discuss opportunities and job options after completing these fields.

Well, the art stream is a very underrated stream despite the fact the career opportunities in this stream are the same as in any other science or commerce stream and we have another dedicated article on career options after 12th commerce and 12th science (PCB and PCM) do read them as well if you want.

So for this article, I spoke to some counsellors and read tons of article on the internet about career opportunities after 12th arts and results were shocking. At the end of this article, I have also provided a short summary of everything so do read that as well.

So first thing which is necessary after completing class 12th is taking admission in college and completing your degree or course in any one particular field and deciding the particular course or degree can be hard so here is the list of different courses you can go for after class 12th and we will be also telling whether this course is suitable for you or not.

Courses you can opt for after 12th arts

Here is the list of top courses after class 12th to go for high pay career opportunities. Don’t worry we will discuss career and job opportunities after completing the course so that you can find an ideal course and career for you.

B.A3 YearsBachelor of Arts (B.A) best thing about this course is there are many B.A specialization courses present to choose from. For example B.A psychology, B.A history, B.A archaeology, B.A economics and many other
B.BA3 YearsB.BA means Bachelor of Business Administration a good course if you want to be an entrepreneur or planning to start your business in the future.
B.MS3 YearsB.MS stands for a bachelor’s of Management Studies and basic aim of this course is to implement management skills in you.
B.FA3 YearsB.FA means Bachelor of Fine Arts deals with the study of visual and performing arts. This course is for you if you love creativity.
B.EM3-4 YearsB.EM means Bachelor of Event Management as the name suggests it’s for those who are interested in event management
B.HM3 YearsB.HM means Bachelor of Hotel Management this course is for those who are good at management.
Integrated law course (B.A + LLB)5 YearsYou can also go for an integrated law course provided where you will get both laws as well as BA degree
B.FD4 YearsB.FD means Bachelor in Fashion Designing. If you love designing then you can go for this.
B.JM2-3 YearsB.JM means Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication if you are good at public speaking and like to present your point of view than this career is good for you
B.ElEd4 YearsB.ElEd means Bachelor of Elementary Education this is a job-oriented course that can help you get a job in the private and government sector. To know more read the whole article.
D.ElEd3 YearsD.ElEd means Diploma in Elementary Education this is the same course as B.ElEd and same career opportunities
B.PEd1 YearB.PEd means Bachelor of Physical Education as the name suggest if you want to be a P.E teacher or any other field regarding P.E then you can go for this course
B.SW3 YearsB.SW means Bachelor of Social Worker if you love to help people and want to be a social worker you can opt for this course.
B.RM3 YearsB.RM means Bachelor of Retail Management where you run about retail management
Multimedia and Animation courses1-3 YearsIf you want to learn how different cartoons are created or any other multimedia regarding things and you are interested enough to pursue it as a career than you can go for this course.
B.BS3 YearsB.BS means Bachelor in Business Studies well if you are interested in business and how things work in business then do opt for this course.
B.TTM3-4 YearsBachelor of Travel and Tourism Management is one of the most interesting fields to go for if you love travelling and want to earn some good money.
Aviation Courses(cabin crew)1-3 YearsAviation is a pretty good field and joining aviation as the cabin crew gives you lots of opportunities from travelling to high pay.

So these are the courses you can go for after class 12th arts and let’s discuss career opportunities and other aspects of jobs and career after completing these courses.

1. B.A (Bachelors of Arts)

Well to be honest if you ask me if you are thinking to go for a B.A degree after class 12th then you should know the advantages and disadvantages of this course. This course does not offer great opportunity straight after completing BA you need to work a little bit harder to pursue and build your career. 

So why should you consider it? Well it has its own pros and cons and we will discuss in what scenario this will be beneficial for you.

Before understanding whether or why you should consider B.A let’s understand the pros and cons of B.A.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of doing B.A from a student’s point of view:

Not very vast or hard courseLess professional job opportunities
You will get time to focus on skill and self-developmentBA degree is not much reputed in Indian society

Well, you can go for many high pay career opportunities after completing B.A. You can go for government exams such as (SSC or UPSC), bank employee, professor or do MBA (Master in Business Administration) and start own startup. 

Then if you need to do an additional course after BA then why go for B.A and not directly doing a course.

Well directly pursuing a career can be a good option in scenarios where you are sure what you want to become and pursue according to it.

If you are not sure and thinking to just complete your bachelor then definitely go for BA and do your bachelor course is not so hard or vast and while doing this you can even build some of good life skills which will definitely work for you in the future.

Some skills you can build are editing, graphic designing, blogging, writing, and many others. There are many careers where you can earn a good amount of moment just from your skills and not degree.

2. B.B.A (Bachelors of Business Administration)

So I know it sounds more like a commerce field as the name suggests “Business Administration” but believe me even if you are from an arts background and interested in business-related than you can go for a BBA degree.

Doing BBA after 12th arts
Doing BBA after 12th arts

Yes, it can be a little hard to start when accounts and economics will come but gradually you will start adapting to these subjects and start enjoying it if you are a business-minded person.

You can pursue career opportunities in banks, business consultancies, financial organizations, different multinational companies (MNC), marketing organization and many other sectors as well such as starting your own startup.

If you want to know about packages you will get in theses respective field then we have a dedicated article on career options for commerce students where I have mentioned this. Click here to read that article this link will redirect you to that post.

Well you may be thinking that changing your stream can be loose for you but there are some advantages as well such as being from arts background you have more grip in language and communication skills compared to a commerce student and in business things which matter most are language, body language and communication skills which is a plus point for you.

3. B.M.S (Bachelor of Management Studies)

Well management is must known skill to everybody but truth is some people are so bad at it that they don’t even know how to pack or manage their backpack where some people are so good at this that they can even manage 2-3 thing at the same time and are expert in not only managing their own life but others as well for examples mothers. 

If you are good at management or want to improve this skill then definitely go for B.MS (Bachelor of Management Studies) after 12th arts apart from improving your managing skills this course offers many high pay career opportunities. Don’t worry we will discuss them as well.

But before that, we should know what is the main objective of this course. The main objective of B.MS is implementing management skills into you. This course will implement analytical, leadership skills that will teach you time management and other things such as handling different scenarios which is beneficial even if you are running your own business or managing someone else’s business.

Personal tips:- Don’t tell anybody else but what’s the point of managing someone else’s business and working for them when you can build your own and use these skills in expanding your own business.

Well if you are not willing to start your own business now and just want to earn some bucks then these courses offer jobs and career opportunities in the HR team of many companies, financial teams, marketing sector.

Personally, I would strongly recommend you to go for higher studies after B.MS that will be more beneficial and along with masters start your own small scale business which will help you to polish your skills more.

4. B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

If you are a creative person, well “creative person” here does not refer to being good at drawing but to be good at visual arts. If you love to create visual arts whether it’s a video or photography or even drawing then you are a creative person and B.FA (Bachelor of fine arts) degree is for you.

This degree offers a lot of career opportunities in creative fields such as photography, video production, art or drawing and many more.

This degree will implement skills in you which are essential in-studio and visual arts such as during video production or photography.

You will learn the key element on how to create the best visually appealing art. Well, to be honest, this degree is not for everyone as it does not have many career options and only career options available are artistic fields such as writer, fine artist, craft artist, multimedia artist or art director and believe me if you are not an artistic or creative person then you should not go for this field.

So how to find whether this degree is for you or not? Well here is the list of skills an individual should have if he/she wants to do B.FA.

(P.s:- This is not eligibility criteria but just a skill you should have to understand whether this degree is for you or not)

Skills required for B.F.A

So if you have these skills it’s not mandatory to have all of them but at least most of them should be there only then pursue this course.

5.  B.E.M (Bachelors in Event Management):

If you are one of those who prefer to spend most of your time outside, have good communication skills and good at managing things than definitely, you should consider this course after 12th arts.

B.EM or Bachelors in Event Management as the name suggests it an event management course where you will be prepared in such a way to manage any event. Many people hire an event manager whether for a wedding, party, concert or funeral.

An event manager is responsible for all the things from food to planning and to make sure that there is no problem in an event going on. Well, it seems like an easy task that you need to do just manage all the things and make sure everything is alright.

But it’s not easy as it seems as I said earlier many people don’t have managing skills and therefore if you are good at management and your communication skills are good then you should definitely consider this course after completing 12th arts.

I know it may not sound so appealing to go for this course but you can earn high amount of money depending upon the type of event or how big the event is. So there is no limit to earning in this field and many people do earn in crores in this field.

My personal opinion: Well you should consider this course if you are good at management and your communication skills are good. This course may not sound so appealing but the reality is you can earn a really good amount of money in this field and in the end money is what matters. If you are not good at management and can’t even manage your own time just like me then never think for this and choose any other course or career option.

6. B.H.M (Bachelor of Hotel Management):

If you are thinking to open a food business like a restaurant or cafe then you can go for this course apart from that if you are not thinking to open a business don’t worry this course has lots of career opportunities and profession offers after the hotel management are high pay.

B.H.M stands for Bachelors in Hotel Management where you will be taught basics of hotel management from how to manage hotel staff to handle different type of customer you will learn communication skills, body language and many other life skills required to manage hotel like accounting and other stuff to gain profit from your restaurant.

Well for some of you guys this may not seem like a professional career option to go for but to be honest you should select this career if you are good at management and want to earn good and high amount of money.

This is a professional and well-reputed job in the outside world because every hotel needs a person who can manage their hotel in profitable and easy way so there is a lot of scope in this field because there are no limitations of earning. You will earn as much as you want depending upon hotel you are working for or growth of your own hotel.

7.  Integrated law course (LLB + B.A):

Well, this course can be a great option because you will get two degrees in the end, one of a lawyer (LLB) and the second one is of bachelor of arts (B.A). It’s a good option no doubt this course duration is of 5 years longer than any other course which is mostly around 3 years.

After completing this course you will get two degrees one of a lawyer and one of BA which will normally take 6 years to get, 3 years of BA and 3 years of LLB. So you will save 1 year in an integrated course.

Is integrated course worth it? What will be the impact of having two-degree on your life?

Well having two-degree you will have much more career option because you have two degrees but the main question you should ask is:” Is this course for me ?”

This is the main part where most students fail. They don’t understand whether this course is for you or not well let me clear this for you!

If you want to become a lawyer in the future or have a clear vision that you want to pursue this particular career where integrated LLB can be beneficial for you then only go for this course.

Here are some advantages of integrated LLB with BA:

Advantages of integrated LLB and BA
More career opportunities
You will get two degrees
You will save one year as LLB and BA both are 3-3 year courses but integrated LLB and BA is a 5-year course.

Career opportunities after integrated LLB and B.A are 1. Legal Adviser 2. Lawyer 3. Public Prosecutor 4. Judge 

These are all high paying jobs but go for integrated LLB with B.A only if you want to become a lawyer or have a clear vision about the career you want to pursue.

Funda Tip by BABA:- There is no point in having a degree in your life because it’s just a paper and on the basis of degree you cannot judge the capability of a person.

8. B.FD (Bachelor in Fashion Designing):

If you are interested in designing and want to pursue a career in fashion designing then this career option is for you. Generally, you need to have a creative mindset and yes this field is competitive but the only thing which matters in this field are your skills and your creativity.

Well as the name suggests career opportunity after this degree is becoming a fashion designer. This is also a well-reputed career and you can earn lots of fame if your designs are unique.

Due to increasing competition, there is some nepotism infield as well because many Bollywood celebrities and stars promote their own family member designs but don’t worry if you have skills and creativity in you, success will be at your doorstep.

So whether you should pursue this career option or not? From my personal point of view and what I understood from counsellors and students is, pursue this career only if you are really passionate about it cause it’s going to be a tough road and if you are not passionate enough you will be lost.

CAUTION💀:-So pursue this only if you are really passionate about this field and a creative kind of person.

9. B.JM (Bachelor of Journalism Mass Communication):

Well if you were that kid in your school who used to circulate information about other classmates in the whole class (well my one friend was of this type!!) then you should go for this. Just kidding!

So as the name suggests B.JM or Bachelor in Journalism Mass Communication is a course that offers a degree in journalism and mass communication.

Well, as soon as you have read the word journalism first and the only career which is in your mind is news reporter and news reporting but here we are talking about journalism mass communication which not only includes new reporters but many others as well. Here is the list of career opportunities after B.J.M.

Career opportunities after B.JM
Public relation officer
Feature writer
Freelancer writer
TV correspondent
News analyst

All these career opportunities are high paying and this industry not only offers money but reputation and fame as well. So do consider this career if you are interested in politics and journalism.

10. B.ElEd or D.ElEd (Bachelor of Elementary Education or Diploma in Elementary Education):

So B.ElEd (Bachelor of Elementary Education) or D.ElEd (Diploma in Elementary Education) both these courses are different but they have the same career opportunities.

Both these courses are job oriented courses which will help you to get a job in the private and government sectors. These courses will get you a job as a teacher in elementary school but apart from teaching other career opportunities are also available such as working in the coaching centers, apply for SSC or P.O or any other government exams.

Well, opportunities after these courses are quite less but they are high paying as well. Yes, you will need some time but is it worth it ?

Well personally I would recommend considering this course if you are left with no other option no doubt its high pay but due to fewer career opportunities, I will not personally recommend going for.

11. Multimedia and Animation courses:

So if you are interested in stuff like how cartoons are created and different kinds of animation and video editing then this course is for you.

Multimedia and animation both are different courses. Many colleges offer multimedia courses but colleges will not teach you animation so to learn it you need to joint institute or you can even learn online on YouTube as well for free (this was where I also learned some basics of it)

Well, when it comes to career opportunities and salary this field have a lot of scope because of the digital India campaign many businesses are coming online and therefore it’s a good opportunity to go for this course.


So there are pretty good career opportunities in all the courses mentioned above and to be honest it’s not about stream which you have select I know many people criticize you especially relatives if you are from India because of the Arts stream. They may say Arts doesn’t have lots of career opportunities.

But believe me, things are totally different there are good high career opportunities in all the stream and you can earn as much money you want in each of these fields the only thing which matters is whether you are really passionate about it or not.

I am from science stream and personally what I now think is instead of science if i have gone for commerce or art stream it would have been much better but now i am doing what i like and I am a dropout so just do what you want and you are really passionate about. If you ever feel lost just comment down your problem or query I will definitely respond to that or you can also mail me personally at [email protected].

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