Telescope class 12th with handwritten notes

When we talk about optical instruments, the first two things which comes to our mind is Telescope and Microscope.

Well, I am not going to talk about microscopes in this article and will keep our circle till telescope and it notes only for class 12.

What is a telescope?


A telescope is an optical instrument that is used to see far off objects which cannot be seen clearly by naked eyes.

The optical instrument is the devices which use the knowledge we have from optics to ease our day-to-day life and help us in the development of science. 

Now, telescopes have changed drastically from the initial days when the first telescope (developed by Hans Lippershey) which was only capable to magnify by three times, till now modern days telescope which is used to observe galaxies and other planets even beyond our solar system.

Now there are many different types of telescopes but the ones which we are going to deal with in class 12th are refracting telescopes.

We have another article as well on types of telescopes. Where I have explained both types of the refracting telescope (Terrestrial and Astronomical) and their ray diagram and working in detail. This link will redirect you to that article if you wish to read it.


I have prepared my special handwritten notes. These notes have all the derivation of this chapter and important topics for your class 12th.

So do read these notes if you are a class 12th student and preparing for your board exam. These notes are easy to understand. To download them CLICK HERE.

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