How to Become A Plant Taxonomist in India

Taxonomy is one of the most underrated career options and even if you are from biology background, still there are chances you may have not heard about it. After listening the term “taxonomy”, many people would interpret to something related with tax but in reality, it’s totally opposite. 

Taxonomy is the branch of science which deals with the classification, nomenclature and identification of objects of biological origin. Taxonomy is a huge topic which involves many different types of taxonomist, but in this article, we will be only learning about what is plant taxonomy and how to become a plant taxonomist in India. 

To become a plant taxonomist in India, you will have to first complete your class 12th with PCB background and then complete your bachelors, master in botany and then PhD in Plant Taxonomy. 

What is plan taxonomy  ? 

Plant Taxonomy is the branch of botany which deals identification, classification and nomenclature of different plants. The people specialized in this are called plant taxonomist. 

How to become a plant taxonomist ? 

Botany is a huge subject which deals with a lot of things. Branch of botany is usually divided into three groups : 1. Core topics 2. Applied topics and 3. Organismic topics. 

Plant taxonomy comes under core topics and it’s huge in its own and getting specialized in only plant taxonomy is the big deal and if you wish to become one, lets understand how you can become a plant taxonomist in India. 

What are the courses for taxonomist ? 

There are course available at undergraduate, master and doctoral level to become plant taxonomist. 

Here is the list of all the courses to become taxonomist: 

  • Bachelor Courses to become a plant taxonomy: 

1. BSc in Botany 

  • Master Courses to become a plant taxonomy:

1. MSc in Botany

  • Doctoral Courses to become a plant taxonomy:

1. PhD in Plant Taxonomy

What is the eligibility for plant taxonomy ? 

Those who posses all the above mentioned degrees are eligible to apply as plant taxonomist. Such candidates can find job opportunities in universities, conservatories and research institutes. Government organisation such as Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education also has vacancies of plant taxonomist for the eligible candidate. 

Best colleges for plant taxonomy ? 

As you know, you have to complete your bachelors in botany, masters in either botany or plant taxonomy and PhD in Plant taxonomy to be eligible for plant taxonomist in India. Here are some of the best colleges which offers admission in these mentioned courses for plant taxonomy: 

Best colleges for plant taxonomy
University of Calcutta
St. Joseph’s College, Trichy
Presidency College, Chennai
Madras Christian College
University of Delhi
University of Calicut
St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai
Sri Krishnadevaraya University
Presidency College, Kolkata
Osmania University
North Eastern Hill University
Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University

Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q)

1. How do I become a Plant Taxonomist in India. 
Answer: To become a taxonomist in India, you will have to first complete your bachelors and master in Botany and then PhD in Plant Taxonomy.

2. How much do Taxonomist make ? 
Answer: The average salary of a taxonomist is around 5 lacs a year.
3. What is the job of a Taxonomist ? 
Answer: The job of the taxonomist involves, classification, identification and nomenclature of different life forms. 
4. What are the skills required to be a good taxonomist ?
Answer: This field requires extensive documentation, so having a good hand writing is a plus point. A person aspire to become a taxonomist needs to have good analytical skills to analyse different life forms as well. 

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