Handwritten Psychology Notes (For Maharashtra Board)

It can be tough to find notes for a subject which is given least importance in 12th but don’t worry as I myself am a maths dropout student i had made these notes because i couldn’t find anything anywhere and i didn’t wanted to spend money on answer keys as well.

What’s so special in these handwritten notes ? 

If you are from state board you must be aware that sometimes a lot of answers are asked from outside and it can be tough to crack some of them so here I’ll be providing you with some extra questions which have possibilities of being asked. 

Benefits of these notes:

  • The chapters are too boring to read and it can be frustrating to understand the concept but through these notes you can learn the answers as well as understand the concept. 
  • Answer are according to how much you need to write in your board examination. 
  • Provided with extra questions.

    Link to handwritten notes:

    To view to notes simply click on the chapter names and it will take you to a PDF. 
    Chapter 1 – Intelligence

    Chapter 2 – Personality

    Chapter 3 – Stress Management 

    Chapter 4 – Psychological Disorders and Therapies 

    Chapter 5 – Attitude 

    Chapter 6 – Social Influence 

    Chapter 7 – Psychology and Life

    Chapter 8 – Developing Psychological Skills

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