EM Waves Notes for Class 12th Physics (Handwritten)

Well, Electromagnetic Waves just as the name suggests are waves that transfer energy from one place to another. Electric field and magnetic field work hand in hand and they can transfer one energy from one place to another.

In this article, we will be providing you with important topics from electromagnetic induction which is chapter 8 in CBSE class 12 physics board exam syllabus so therefore I will be giving you important questions and topic from this chapters and will provide you with handwritten notes

What are EM waves ?

So before coming straight into what EM waves are, first have a look at what does wave means?

Wave is a pattern created by disturbance in space or oscillation by which energy is carried from one location to the other.

So EM waves are nothing but a type of waves that propagate energy from one place to another but the only difference here is that these waves are created due to disturbance of electric and magnetic field.

EM wave with magnetic and electric field propagating energy
EM wave with magnetic and electric field propagating energy

If you don’t know what electric and magnetic field is then we have another article where the electric field and magnetic field are discussed in detail. Click here, this link will redirect you to that article.

So before moving forward to the next portion of the article important topics, I will give you short notes so that it will be easy for you to understand the concept of EM waves.


  1. A stationary electric charge creates a stationary electric field 
  2. A moving electric charge (current) creates a stationary magnetic field.
  3. Source of electromagnetic waves are accelerated charge and oscillated charge is an example of accelerated charge. So, therefore, the oscillating charge creates EM waves.
  4. Varying electric field and varying magnetic fields are part of EM waves and therefore these waves are self-sustaining and after some time they don’t need a source and they can travel by themselves.

Important topics:

Important topics from Electromagnetic Waves for boards are Displacement Current, Electromagnetic Spectrum, the wavelength of waves and uses of EM waves. 

For 1 marker and MCQ’s for class 12 boards, conceptual questions from these topics as well as uses of EM waves and spectrum of EM waves questions have high chances to come. 

All these topics are provided in the notes given below, they are highly in-depth class 12 physics notes of EM waves so refer to them, it’s more than enough for boards.

Handwritten Notes:

This article is a brief summary of chapter 8, Electromagnetic Waves for all the derivation related to this chapter and other important things. I have prepared my special handwritten notes. These notes have all the derivation of this chapter and important topics for your board exam 🙂

So do read these notes if you are a class 12th student and preparing for your board exam. These notes are easy to understand. To download them CLICK HERE.

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