For a student, one of the biggest decision is career and course selection and for arts stream student, this is a more bigger problem because of various careers options available for them. 

To avoid this confusion, I am going to tell you some of the best courses you can opt for after class 12th arts based on your interest. Arts stream is blessed with various subjects which deals with different aspects of real world. Subjects like History, Literature, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, Visual Arts etc.. 

It can be overwhelming to select a particular course or career because of so many options available. So that’s why in this article we will help you to find out some of the best courses after 12th arts you can go for. 

Best Courses to go for after 12th arts: 

1. Bachelors of Arts (B.A):

Bachelors of arts is one of the most common courses when you think about courses available after 12th. Bachelors of Arts or B.A in short is a 3 years long undergraduate course with not so hard syllabus. 

The best thing about this course is that, it’s an easy undergraduate course and that’s why if you are also preparing for some kind of government job exams such as SSC or UPSC, going for B.A is one of the best option because it’s an easy to pursue course and that’s why you can focus on preparation for government exam. 

Apart from this, one another advantage of this course is easy availability of seats in college. As a student, you must be aware about how difficult is it, to get seat in a good college but in case of B.A, there are tons of colleges who offer this course and getting a seat in one of them is not a problem at all since, the only eligibility to get inside is completing class 12th from a recognised board. 

This is a great course if you are planning to go for government exams such as SSC or UPSC but if you have no such plans for government jobs, than I would not recommend going for this course because than, maybe there are other better alternatives courses from this list you should look for, based on your interest. 

2. Bachelor of Arts (Hons):

Bachelors of Arts (Hons) is different from normal Bachelor of Arts. Just like normal B.A, this is also a 3 year undergraduate course. The key difference between Bachelors of Arts (Hons) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) is, that in case of BA (Hons), you will be going to specialize is one specific subject

There are various subjects available for BA (Hons) and this combination generally depends on what combination university/college offers.  Some of the subjects for BA (Hons) are

a. BA (Hons) in Political Science
b. BA (Hons) in Archaeology
c. BA (Hons) in Media Science
d. BA (Hons) in Travel and Tourism

Syllabus will differ for each of the course based on the specialization and for career scope and job opportunity, after completing this course, you can get employment in the specific field in which you will specialize. Apart from this, just like BA, you can apply for government exams as well. 

3.  Bachelors of Fine Arts (BF.A):

We all are creative, it’s just some people have more creative skills than other and if you are one of them, than Bachelors of Fine Arts or BF.A in short is one of the best course you can go for. 

Bachelor of Fine Arts

BF.A is also a 3 year undergraduate course and its syllabus includes study of visual arts form. For example: Painting, Sculpting, Dancing, Photography etc. Personally, I believe you should only apply for this course if you are a creative person because all the employment opportunities and earning opportunities are good in this field but it heavily relies on your creativity and skills.

Here are the some of the recommended skills, you should have for Bachelors of Fine arts: 

a. Sketching
b. Drawing
c. Visualization
d. Imagination
e. Artistic
f. Communication
g. Presentation
h. Problem-solving

4. Bachelor of Business Administration (BB.A):

I am sure you must have heard of BB.A which stands for Bachelors of Business Administration. There is a misconception among students that only commerce student can apply for BBA but believe me, arts student can also apply for this and pursue their interest. 

B.B.A is a 3 year undergraduate course and after completing B.B.A, you can even go for MBA as well. If you wish to specialise in one particular subject just like, B.A (Hons). You can do that too in BB.A as well. There are specialised BB.A programs available such as: BB.A in Finance, BB.A in Marketing, BB.A in Operation Management etc.. 

It can be little hard at start to completely change the stream but if you are really interested in the subject, you can grab concept fast and being from arts background, you will have an extra edge in communication, language and body language which is actually an important skill set to have in business. 

5. Integrated Law Course (B.A + L.L.B):

Integrated law courses can also be a great option for Arts student. Law is a great field to get into specially if you have good communication and debating skills. Integrated Law course consist of combing two different courses: B.A and L.L.B which means after completing this course, you will be getting two different degrees and that’s why its a 5 year long course. Having two degree may help you in career in the long run. 

Integrated Law Course

There are many advantages of pursuing Integrated law course and here are some of them:  

1. More career opportunities.
2. You will get two degrees.
3. You will save one year as LLB and BA both are 3-3 year courses but integrated LLB and BA is a 5-year course.

6. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJ.M.C):

Journalism plays a key role in functioning of human society and that’s why this work comes with a lot of responsibility. Bachelors of Journalism and Mass communication (BJ.M.C) is also a 3 year undergraduate course which you can go for after class 12th.

Many people believe that, BJ.M.C just includes journalism and news reporting but in reality, it’s much bigger than that. Mass communication not only includes journalism but other forms of communication as well and because now everyone has an easy access to internet nowadays. Mass communication is on its peak because of social media and internet. 

There are a lot of opportunities in Journalism and Mass communication and here are some of  them: 

a. Journalist
b. Reporter
c. Public relation officer
d. Feature writer
e. Freelancer writer
f. TV correspondent
g. News analyst

7. Bachelor of Fashion Design (BF.D):

Fashion designing is yet another great field for 12th arts student but just like Bachelors of Fine Arts, this course as well demands creativity. 

BF.D is also a 3 year undergraduate course and this course will include theoretical as well as practical training.  This field is in great demand nowadays and so does the competition. So if you are slightly doubtful about your skills or interest in the field, maybe you should be looking for some other course.

But if you are a creative person who is really passionate and interested in the field, than you should definitely try it out because perks are also great in the field and so does the competition.  

8. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BH.M):

Hotel management is another great option for you to go for, the tourism sector is growing and so is employment opportunities for people with Hotel Management course. 

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Just like other courses in the list, Bachelors of Hotel Management (BH.M) is also a 3 year undergraduate course. This course will teach you about how to manage hotel and run a hotel/restaurant business smoothly. 

This is a job oriented course and that’s why top recruitment in this field will be big and medium sized hotels. Due to recent pandemic, people are now more concerned about safety and hygiene and that’s why many hotel business need professional people to help them in this. 

Skills you will be having plays an important role in this field and because you will be frequently coming in contact with different types of people, public relation and communication skills are one of the most important thing to have in this field and this course will help you in that. 

The things you will be learning in BH.M are: 

a. Communication skills
b. Different foreign languages
c. Food production
d. Housekeeping
e. Management
f. Accounting
g. Public relation
h. Marketing
i. Hygiene 

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