(Best tips) What to do when you feel sleepy while studying

Studying at night seems a better choice for a lot of students and it also sounds fun at the start but not until you start feeling sleepy by just thinking about it or when you really sit to study. After a while of studying at night you tend to fall asleep and end up by not completing your syllabus.

This not just happens during night but also when you sit to study in day. There are many distractions which can also distract you from studying, like for instance not having a proper sleep schedule or by scrolling through social media a lot.

To avoid sleeping during studying, in this article I will be telling you about some easy tips and tricks you can opt for if you don’t want to sleep at night.

Tips to not sleep while studying:

Here are few tips and tricks you can consider if you want to study well and score good marks in your exams. 

1. Manage the light in your room:

Light plays a very important role while you are studying. Dim light can make you feel sleepy and in no time you will fall asleep. To avoid this make sure that the whole room has a proper lighting.

If you use a table lamp, quit it right now because when you use a table lamp there is light only on your table but the rest of the room is still dark and it gives you a feeling of sleepiness and a little lazy and after some time you might not even be interested to study.

So make sure that your whole room has a proper lighting. 

2. Sit in a chair:

The way you sit to study has a great impact on your studies. If you are sitting upright you will feel fresh and want to study but if you going to sit on a bed and surround yourself with comfy pillows then you are going to doze off.

Sitting in a chair can be beneficial as it will also give you a habit of sitting for 3 hours during your exam and you won’t feel uncomfortable once writing your paper. Sitting on a bed while studying you get a feeling of comfort and then it makes you lazy which results in loss of interest in your studies.

One thing to take into consideration while sitting in a chair is you need to keep moving in intervals to avoid stiffness in your body.

3. Don’t eat heavy food:

They say you must eat good food before you study or before your exams, well its true but you need to know how much to eat. You should eat light food which will also keep you full. Like eat little rice and 2 rotis with it because rice makes you feel very heavy. Also drinking water before having food helps you to feel full and keeps your stomach light. 
If you eat heavy meals like more rice and starchy stuff it will make you feel lazy and relaxed as one place and you would immediately want to sleep after it. You won’t be able to hold onto the position you are sitting in or you couldn’t even control the feeling of sleepiness. 
Another thing which you can do is have early meals around 7-8 pm and then you can snack on something after a while at around 10-11 pm which is a better option if you want to sit for hours to study, because this will also give you a break in between. 

4. Drink loads of water:

Drinking 2 litres of water is very beneficial in your daily life and so will it be for studying. When you keep drinking water you want to go to pee every now and then which will help you stretch your legs while studying and also keep you in motion so you won’t get to comfortable or lazy in your chair while studying. 
It is also said that drinking water during studying will increase your memory and also the power to sit in the position for hours until you have to go to pee. Not just that, but sipping water can also keep you full and you won’t get the feeling of being hungry while studying. 

5. Early to bed early to rise:

If you can’t concentrate to study at night you should definitely sleep fast and wake up early to study for your exams. When I had my boards, I used to study till 1-2 am go to sleep by 2:30 and wake up by 7-7:30 am, but this was according to me, you can adjust as per your wish. 
By apply this in your life not just for exams but also after your exams it will help you to keep you concentrated and you will easily remember your answers and concept and still at the end if you can’t, you know you can also contact Student Baba on Whatsapp or Discord at any time. 
This not only makes you concentrate better and helps you to wake up early but also you will get proper amount of sleep at night as per your body wants.

6. Take short naps:

If you use the formula “Early to bed early to rise” then you probably should be getting some sleep in the afternoon. Obviously, you will be tired studying from morning and after your lunch you might feel a little drowsy and want to take a quick nap. 
There is no harm in taking a quick nap for about 15-20 mins but make sure it does not exceed this mark and you don’t end up sleeping for 5-6 hours that will totally ruin your sleep schedule and trust me that is the last thing you need when you will be so much under pressure. 
Also, your brain needs time to rest it will be exhausted after studying for so long so this is a perfect for you. 

7. Keep yourself and body parts awake:

When you sit on a chair you feel uncomfortable after a certain time and not just that but even your body parts fall asleep. In order to keep them away as well as you the best remedy is to get up of our chair and STRETCHHHHHHHH !!!! Stretch your hands and legs and walk around the room. 
You can also study while walking in your room. It will keep you and your body parts active as well. It is proven that you can concentrate better while in motion. Even if you can’t get up and move, make sure you are changing you position every now and then. 

8. Read loudly:

This is an amazing tip to do, even I used to do this when I had my boards and it helps a lot. Like, when you are studying an answer or maybe trying to understand a concept, just say it out loud. This can reduce the chances of falling asleep and also you will be able to memorise faster and improves learning power. 
This is just like how a teacher explains a concept in the classroom. The same way you have to make yourself understand the concept or the answer. The best way to learn any answer is to first understand the question and then to read the answer paragraph and understand what it wants to tell you, just like a story.

9. Learn by writing: 

When you read out aloud after a certain period of time you get bored looking at that same text over and over again, your eyes feel bored looking at it and then you might feel like giving up and just sleep due to so much stress on you. 
You don’t have to worry if you are the kind of person who just falls asleep after opening a book to read, if you learn by writing which also is a best way to memorise, keep yourself and brain active by writing and to be honest writing is fun. So get up sit on your chair and write your answers.

10. At night choose easier topics:

It would be better if you chose easier topics at night as they are easy to understand and you won’t get tired trying to learn or understand a new or tough concept. It is better if you keep the tough ones for day because you will be fresh in the morning and will be able to concentrate better. 
At night choosing the fun one’s would be effective because you stay interested and it would be light and easy to learn for your brain. There is also a benefit if you study easy topics at night as you will be able to complete as much as syllabus as you can. 

11. Drink coffee (but not too much):

Coffee is a very common way to keep yourself awake and this is known to everyone, we in-fact use this as well, but there are many side effects as well which you need to tackle or drinking too much coffee is really harmful to your system. 
You can drink your coffee little by little throughout the day rather than drinking one whole cup 2-3 times a day. It is said that you should not consume more the 500-600 mg per day, so you have to be very wise and properly think when you need to drink your coffee.

12. Keep washing your face:

Washing your face often while studying will help you to refresh yourself and shake up your sleep system and will at least keep you awake for sometime. Just make sure you wash your face with cold water but not freezing cold that your nervous system freezes. 

13. Avoid distractions:

You need to remove all the distractions coming in your way and by all I mean even your mobile phones. Having distractions in front of you especially your phone will make you lose interest in studying and you will eventually just scroll through social media and fall asleep after some time. 
Not just phones but also certain things which might be in your room like your favourite toy or something to cling on, these can be distractions too. Your phone is the biggest distraction that you can have while studying.

14. Do some eye exercise:

Doing some eye exercise in between you studies can be of great help to your blurry vision and can help you to see better.
Here is a video of eyes exercise you can do:

15. Keep sugary snacks near you:

Using snacks which contain sugar will give you energy because sugar contains glucose which will act as a source of energy for you. Just make sure you don’t over eat them and stay in the limits. 

16. Keep a cold environment:

Keeping a cold environment will keep you alert and working. DO NOT make your room a lot cooler as it will get cozy and you would want to cuddle in bed and fall alseep. 

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