Aggregate Percentage – Calculation and Other Details

Well during form filling or even in your semester, one thing is asked is an aggregate percentage. We all know what is percentage but most of us get confused when asked what is your aggregate percentage during form filling of any competitive exam to check whether you are in eligibility criteria or not.

Well, same goes for me as well, during my form submission for KVPY one thing which I was asked was what are my aggregate percentage in  PCM where I got stuck because I had my percentage but I didn’t know anything about aggregate percentage. So, therefore, I am here today to clear your queries regarding aggregate percentage and how to calculate your aggregate percentage.

Marks percentage is per cent of marks you scored from total marks whereas the aggregate percentage is per cent of marks you scored in a particular number of the subjects.

What is the aggregate percentage ?

So the aggregate percentage is the marks per cent you have scored but instead of considering the percentage for all the subject here we calculate the percentage of marks of some subjects only.

For example: suppose you have 5 subjects in a total and you have asked to calculate your percentage for only first three subjects then that percentage of three subjects will be your aggregate percentage for first three subjects.

I know it may be still confusing for you but don’t worry once you will understand how to calculate your aggregate percentage your all queries will be cleared.

How to calculate aggregate percentage ?

Before understanding how to aggregate percentage lets first understand how you calculate the normal percentage.

Suppose you have a total of 5 subjects and each subject is of 100 marks. You have scored 20 in subject 1, 40 in subject 2, 65 in subject 3, 70 in subject 4 and 35 in subject 5. Then what will be your total percentage?

Subject Marks total marks
Subject 1 20 100
Subject 2 40 100
Subject 3 65 100
Subject 4 70 100
Subject 5 35 100
Total: 500

Your total percentage will be = (your total score/total marks) *100

So your percentage would be in the above example will be:

And therefore our answer will be 46%.

But this is about how to calculate percentage but what about aggregate percentage? so this was your total percentage but if you are asked to calculate aggregate percentage of first three subject then you will calculate your percentage for those three subject only.

In this case your aggregate percentage for the first three subject will be:

And your aggregate percentage for first three subjects will be 41.66%.

Same way if you are aksed to calculate  aggregate for subject 1,4 and 5 you will calculate percentage for these three subjects only.

Where the aggregate percentage is used ?

So where aggregate percentage are asked? so aggregate percentage are asked in many competitive exam eligibility criteria aggregate percentage of some main subjects are asked to quality the eligibility criteria.

For example: In JEE advance you need 75% in your class 12th examination whereas for KVPY you need 60% aggregate in PCM/B for general category and 50% aggregate in PCM/B for reserved category.  (Here is the my KVPY preparation article with all the details.)

Same if you have taken drop for preparation of NEET you need 50% aggregate in PCBE (Physics ,Chemistry,Biology and English) if you are from general category and 40% aggregate in PCBE  (Physics ,Chemistry,Biology and English) if you are from reserved category. (Here is my NEET preparation article with all the detail you need for preparation)

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