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Biology is full of difficult words but these don’t seem so difficult once you know the techniques to memorise a particular word. Well, in this article I’m going to be revealing some personal techniques to memorise biological terms faster and effectively. 

How to memorise biological terms ? 

I’m going to be listing out few techniques or tips and tricks so that you feel biological words seem easy to memorise. Following are some techniques which I used when I was facing troubles remembering biological terms:

Break down the word:

This is the most used method since we were kids and you can apply this same method even in Biology. Since biological terms sometimes sound different and are different in writing you can also put the pronounciation in brackets. 
For example, the word “Photophosphorylation”. Step 1 – Break down the word. It will look like “Photo-phos-pho-ry-lation”. Here now if you feel like it sounds different and it writes different you can apply Step 2 – “Photo-phos-pho-ry-lation” (photo-fos-fo-ri-lation). 
This way you can use this method to break down the words as well as to learn the correct pronounciation of the words. 

Write it a few times (10-20 times preferably):

This is a very easy and kiddish technique we all been using for English words, but you can also apply it in Biology now. Just make columns and write the words 10-20. Below is an example of how you can do it. 

Prepare flashcards:

Once you are done with writing out the words and breaking them up you can revise them with the help of flashcards. Now, what are flashcards and how do we make them ? 
Flashcards are just pieces of paper and you can either buy them on amazon or you can make some for yourself. Just take any paper – colourful, normal lines, plain and fold them into squares open them up and cut them and your flashcards are ready. 
Now that you have your flashcards write down the names which you have learnt and also write the meaning of the word and the pronounciation on the other side of the paper. Select a random card try to pronounce it correctly and once you’re done you can look behind if you got it right. 
This way you are not only memorising the words instead you are also learning the meanings of those words. 

Practice everyday: 

Practice makes a man perfect. Indeed, it does. You need to practice the words you learnt everyday or at least go through it once in a day and that way you can keep these terms in mind or a long time and maybe you won’t even forget it. 

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