20 High Pay Career Options After 12th Science PCM Most Students Ignore

We are well aware about the importance of career selection after class 12th boards, your school life is over and now you have to decide which field and career you want to take and if you are from 12th science stream so there maybe a possibility that you end up taking engineering as your career option.

In this article i will tell you 20 high pay career option (excluding most of engineering courses) after class 12th PCM which most of student ignores.

Here is a list of 20 high career options for class 12th science PCM student which most of people ignores:

Career options after 12th science PCM:

A class 12th science student with maths has many career options to go for rather than engineering.

P.s: Many career in the list mentioned below are from engineering background but generally this engineering career options are also been ignored.

High pay career options after 12th PCM are:

1. Aviation (5-12 lacks per anumn)
2. Commericail pilot (6-13 lacs per annum)
3. Air traffic control officer (5 lac -7 lac per anum)
4. Merchant navy (12K to 8 lacs per months)
5. Indian Navy (3 lacs to 9 lacs per annum)
6. IT (1.2 lakhs to 34 lakhs per anum)
7. Ethical Hacker  (12 lacss to 80 lacs per annum)
8. Data Scientist (3 lacs to 20 lacs per annum)
9. Mobile app developer (1 lakh to 9 lacs per annum)
10. Web developer (1 Lakh to 4 lacs)
11. Robotics (3 lacs to – 4 lacs)
12. Mathematician  (7 lacs per year easily)
13. Actuarial science (Average 20 lacs per annum) 
14. Physicist (10 lacs per year easily)
15. Game developer (6 to 10 lacs per annum)
16. Game tester (3 to 20 lacs per annum)
17. Scientist (2 lacs per annum)
18. Astronomer (8 to 10 lacs per annum) 
19. Astrophysicist  (5- 24 lacs per annum)
20. Graphic designer (2 to 7.5 lacs per annum)

Let’s discuss some of them:

1. Aviation (5-12 lacks per anumn):

Aviation is the best career to go with if you love to travel a lot. Apart from travel there are other perks of aviation as well.


To pursue aviation after 12th science you need to do bachelor’s course in aviation such as:

  1. Commercial pilot training
  2. B.Sc in aviation
  3. Aeronautical engineering 
  4. Diploma in aviation hospitality

Aviation offers high salary and it ranges from 5 lacks per annum to even 12 lacks per annum. It depends upon your post.

2. Commericail pilot (6-13 lacs per annum):

Almost everyone dreams to become pilot due to high salary offers by this job and you get travel a lot of places.

 Commercial pilot
Commercial pilot

Well to become pilot in India you need to clear entrance exam of flying school of India and fitness test as well.

fees for pilots is high around 20-25 lacs well bank can give you up to 50% loan. Fill this form if you want to get latest updates for all the career options: form

3. Air traffic control officer (5 lac -7 lac per anum):

Being air traffic control officer is full of responsibilities but adventurous as well because you get chance to fly aeroplanes sometimes.

 Air traffic control officer
Air traffic control officer

As an air traffic controller you are responsible for proper flow of airplanes, aircrafts, jets or be any other kind of air vehicle with increase in the aviation industry and airports demand for air traffic controller is also increasing.

To apply for this, you need to be in this particular age limit of 21 to 27. To become air traffic control officer you need to clear civil ATC test conducted by Civil Aviation Authority of India time to time as per the requirement. Here is the link to another article where you will find all the proper details and steps to become Air traffic control officer.

Average salary of Air traffic control officer start form 5-7 lacks per annum.

4. Merchant navy (12K to 8 lacs per months):

Merchant navy is one of those high paying career most student ignores. This career option offers you to travel whole world and high salary as well.

Many students often get confused between merchant navy and Indian navy. Indian navy is mainly involved in nation defence whereas merchant navy if for commercial and international trades.

Merchant navy is actually the backbone of Indian international trade with huge ships which need high amount of workers to operate.

If you are willing to go for merchant navy there are certain eligibility criteria such as person should be unmarried, need to clear high school with class 12th science PCM, good vision. 

After clearing interview and medical test students are sent for ship-training course.

You need to do any of this course after class 12th PCM to join merchant navy:

  • B.Sc. Nautical Science
  • B.E. Marine Engineering
  • B.E. Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
  • B.E. Petroleum Engineering
  • B.E. Mechanical Engineering
  • B.E. Harbour & Ocean Engineering
  • B.E. Civil Engineering
  • B.E. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  • B.Sc. Marine Catering
  • Electro Technical Officer Course
Salary in merchant navy depends on your job profile it can vary from 12000Rs per month to 8 lacks Rs per month as well.

If you want to learn more about pursuing career in merchant navy than click here.

5. Indian Navy (3 lacs to 9 lacs per annum):

Indian Navy is high valuable job because you serve your nation and any individual will love to do that. Apart from patriotism this job offers you with high pay income and respect as well.

 Great Indian Navy
Great Indian Navy

Eligibility: Unmarried, Indian, Class 12th PCM pass-out with aggregate of 75% in PCM and 50% in english and good physic and health condition. 
Salary: Salary depends on post and can vary from 3 lacs to 9 lacs per annum. 

6. IT (1.2 lakhs to 34 lakhs per anum):

IT sector is the base of many corporate offices and therefore there is huge demand of employees in IT sector.

If you love computer and programming than this field is just for you, a talented person in this field can earn good amount of money but as a fresher and intern you may suffer first to find jobs but one with passion into computers can get job easily.

Career path: After class 12th science stream PCM you can opt for any of these courses for IT:

  • B.E  (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • B.Tech  (Bachelor of Technology)
  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer application)
  • BS (Bachelor of Science in computer engineering)
Salary: IT is a broad field and your salary can vary depending upon your job profile. In IT sector your salary can be low as 1.24 lacs per month and can go up to 34 lacs per annum as well if you become project manager. 

7. Ethical Hacker  (12 lacss to 80 lacs per annum):

So with the growth of digital India, risk of data leaks and hacking also increases. This is where you need help of an ethical hacker. 
Work of an ethical hacker is to find out security loopholes. 
Eligibility: In ethical hacking your skills and computer knowledge matters more than your degree still a degree in computer science is recommended.  
Salary: Salary in ethical hacking is pretty high compare to IT sector. Salary can range from as low as 12lacs per annum to as high as 80 lacs per annum. 

8. Data Scientist (3 lacs to 20 lacs per annum):

Well, data is an important factor in any industry. Proper data analysis and action based on data is needed for any company or industry to grow.

 Importance of data
Importance of data

These companies deal with huge amount of data whether it’s from their accounts, customers or any thing and a proper data analysis is important and this is where a role of data scientist comes.

Data scientists are basically person who do proper analysis of data so that a proper action can be taken to initiate the growth of company or an industry.

Skills: 1. Higher education (masters and Phd degree in computer science, physical science or statistics). 2. R programming 3. Phython coding 4. Hadoop platform 5. SQL database 6. Apache spark 7. Machine learning and AI 8. Data visulaization 9. Unstructured data.

Salary: Depending upon qualifications and job profile a salary of data scientist can range from 3 lacs to even 30 lacs per annum as well.

9. Mobile app developer (1 lakh to 9 lacs per annum):

Smartphone usage is increasing day by day and now almost everybody owns a smartphone with internet connectivity and therefore scope of being mobile app developer is increasing.

Many people use different smartphone and more is the usage and demand high pay an app developer gets. You can develop app for Googles android and even for Apples ios.

Mobile app developers are people who develop mobile app for MNC and many big companies. Mobile app development requires high programming skills and in return you get high pay as well. 

Eligibility: You need to have good programming knowledge and development skills. You can get these skills by bachelor’s and even master’s degree in computer science.

Salary: Salary of Mobile app developer ranges from 1 lacs per annum to even 9 lacs per annum as well. Well this data is estimated which most of people get but it can even go higher based on your skills and profile.

10. Web developer (1 Lakh to 4 lacs):

Just like demand of mobile development is increasing day by day web development demands too in-fact web development demand is more than mobile.

High demand means higher percentage of employment.

Job of a web developer is to modify, design and code the website according to the demand of the client. Web developers create websites.

Eligibility: To become a web developer you skills like back-end and front-end development and a degree in web design is most common requirement. You can go for bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming and other related field after class 12th.

Salar: Salary of a web developer can be 1.5 lacs to even 4 lacs per annum. 

11. Robotics (3 lacs to – 4 lacs):

One change which almost everyday increases that is increase in numbers of robots and automatic machines. Even nowadays these robots are even here to help us in our day to day life as well, for example many of us have smart set-up tv in our homes or we all have used google assistant voice search features.

 A robot
A robot

This all is nothing but AI and robotics. So now you have an idea about how big robotics industry is in future and being in this field has perks of its own.

In robotics you have many career options and famous one is a robotic engineer who creates robots and robotics system is called robotic engineer. 

Eligibility: To become a robotic engineer you need to have a bachelor’s degree (B.tech) in robotic engineering after class 12th with science stream PCM.

Salary: In India you can easily earn 3 to 4 lacs per year and with more experience you gain more money you can earn.

12. Mathematician  (7 lacs per year easily):

Maths is universal! Mathematics is used in every field and therefore mathematician is needed. These guys are expert in maths.

They use theories to solve mathematical problems in various fields such as science, business and engineering as well. They use their mathematical knowledge and skills to prove or disapprove different theories or to analyze data and many other things.

Eligibility: In India after class 12th PCM you need to continue with bachelor’s, master’s and eventually Phd degree in mathematics.

Salary: Mathematician are highly respected and earn good amount of money with their skills. They can have more than one earning source so therefore salary is pretty high. On an average a mathematician can earn around 7 lacs per annum easily and even more than that.

13. Actuarial science (Average 20 lacs per annum): 

Actuarial science is actually a way where mathematical and statistical method to low the risk in insurance, finance and other field/industries is used. 

Eligibility: To pursue your career in actuarial science you need to have a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in actuarial science and institutes which offers this courses are asking for basic eligibility of at least 60% aggregate in your 12th and 70% in maths because maths is an important subject in actuarial science.

Salary: Since actuarial science is related to finance and insurance industry so it’s obvious that in this field a person earns good amount of money on an average of 20 lacs per year.

14. Physicist (10 lacs per year easily):

So if you love physics then this profession suits you. Physicist is someone who is expert in physics this people can become scientist as well.

If you are a physicist just like a mathematician you have multiple career option, you can be professor, researcher, scientist and even teacher all at the same time.

Eligibility: So if you want to become physicist you need to have bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and phd in physics.

Salary: A physicist has more than one income source like tutor, professor, researcher, scientist and many more, therefore he can easily earn 10 lacs per year and even more than that.

15. Game developer (6 to 10 lacs per annum):

Who doesn’t love games ? Everyone does and therefore gaming industry is also growing day by day. Well developing a single game requires a whole bunch of game developers team.

Game developer is a person who develops and creates game and design and create all those different portions of a game.

Eligibility: If you want to become a game developer after class 12th than you can either go for diploma or bachelor in game designing and other alternatives are bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. 

Salary: A game developer in India can earn around 6 to 10 lacs per annum. Outside India in foreign countries he can even earn more.

16. Game tester (3 to 20 lacs per annum):

 Gamer tester
Gamer tester

You are being paid for playing game, what can be more fun than that?

Well testing games is more fun than developing it. We all loves game and combing hobby and profession is another level satisfaction. Imagine playing a game and testing it as a career. 
Eligibility: To become game tester you don’t need any formal degree or qualification but generally game tester owns a degree of game designing or video graphic. They need to have some skills to be game tester. 
Skills for game tester: 
  • Game design
  • Software development 
  • Software design 
  • Software engineering 
  • Computer programming 
  • Computer science 
  • Graphic communication 
  • Software quality assurance 
  • Software testing
Salary: Game testers earn around 2 to 20 lacs on an average per annum.

17. Scientist (2 lacs per annum):

Scientist are mostly in R&D (research and development) they conduct different experiments to unravel the mysteries of nature and phenomenas around us.
Eligibility: Education eligibility to become a scientist is you need to do master’s and phd in any of one science subject and after gaining knowledge you can further conduct a research of your own.
If you are interested in this field then read this article to get clear vision of this field: Click here
Salary:  A scientist can earn around 2 lacs per annum but there is no upper limit for scientist as you gain more experience more money you will earn.

18. Astronomer (8 to 10 lacs per annum):

Well we all have to admit that once in our childhood we all had a dream to become an astronomer at least I had. 
Astronomers job is to observe this universe and try to find out “HOW THIS UNIVERSE WORKS?” they observe our solar system, planets, evolution of starts and all the other space related object and to find out the mechanism of space and universe. 
Eligibility: Personally I wanted to become an astronomer so I had done tones of research to become. After class 12th you have to go for bachelor’s degree in physics or maths (physics is what I would prefer) and after that do your master’s and phd in astronomy. 
You need to do get your degree from a reputed college and therefore I would recommend you to apply for KVPY through this you can get direct admission in IISc and IISER one of the top universities of India. 
KVPY can be given in class 11th, 12th and first year of bachelor’s degree. To know more about this i have a whole dedicated post on this topic. Click here if you are in class 11th, class 12th and first year.

Salary: An astronomer earns around 8 to 10 lacs per annum.

19. Astrophysicist  (5- 24 lacs per annum):

Astrophysicist study the physics of the outer space and universe along with the study of different interaction occurs in the nature with the use of their knowledge in physics maths and computer. They try to find out secrets behind formation of space, universe, planets and stars. 
Eligibility: After class 12th to go for astrophysicist as a career you need to get bachelor’s, master’s and Phd degree in astrophysics.

Salary: An astrophysicist can earn up to 5 lacs per annum and with experience he can even earn 24 lacs per annum.

20. Graphic designer (2 to 7.5 lacs per annum):

Graphic designers are people who design graphic images for business in India. In digital marketing industry you will see logos, vector arts, banners and many more. 

 Graphic designing
Graphic designing

These things are created by a graphic designer. 
Eligibility: You need a course in graphic designing and have a proper knowledge of tools and software to create these designs. 
Salary: A graphic designer can earn around 2 lacs per annum and after gaining some years of experience they can even earn around 7.5 lacs apart from that they can do freelancing as well.

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