15 High Pay Career Options After 12th Science PCB Most Students Ignore

We are well aware about the importance of career selection after class 12th boards, your school life is over and now you have to decide which field and career you want to take and if you are from 12th science stream so there may be a possibility that you end up doing MBBS like most of people.

In this article, I will tell you 15 high paying career option (excluding MBBS) after class 12th PCB which most of students ignore.

Here is a list of 15 high paying career options for class 12th science PCB students:

Career options after 12th science PCB:

A class 12th science student with biology subject has many career options to go for rather than MBBS.

P.s: “+” sign denotes that you can earn more after gaining experience it depends upon your skills and experience you have there is no limit.

1. Horticulturist (2 – 28 lakhs per annum)
2. Dermatologist (6 lakhs per annum +)
3. Dentist (4 to 6 lakhs per annum +)
4. Molecular biology (3 to 4 lakhs per annum +)
5. Pharmacist (3 to 10 lakhs per annum easily +)
6. Physiotherapist (3 lakhs per annum to 10 lakhs per annum +)
7. Podiatrist (8 Lakhs per annum +)
8. Psychiatrist (12-15 lakhs per annum+)
9. Psychologist (12-20 lakhs per annum+)
10. Veterinarian (10-20 lakhs per annum)
11. Nurse
12. Medical Technologist
13. Homeopath
14. Forensic scientist (8 to 10 lakhs per anum +)

Let’s discuss them:

1. Horticulturist (2 to 28 lakhs per annum):


Horticulturist use their knowledge and skills in production and growth of plants and agriculture. Main goal of a horticulturist is:

  • To improve plant growth. 
  • Its nutritional value.
  • Quality.
  • Protection from insects and diseases.
  • Environmental stress.
So if you are interested in gardening then you should consider this field. 
Eligibility: You can go for a diploma in horticulture and if you wish to do masters in horticulture than you have to first go for a bachelors degree in horticulture and then masters.

You can go for a bachelor’s of science in horticulture or bachelor’s of technology in horticulture as well.

Salary: A fresher can get around 2 lakhs per annum but depending upon location, your level of education you can go as high as 28 lakhs per annum as well.

P.s: There is a huge and increasing demand for horticulture in India.

2. Dermatologist (6 lakhs per annum + ):

We all hate pimples! who doesn’t ? Is there even a reason to love pimple ? xD so what about different skin diseases ? Whom will you consider in such cases?

Well that’s Dermatologist. Dermatology is the branch that deals with skin diseases and disorder, apart from skin this branch deals with hair, scalp and nail diseases as well. A person who is an expert in this branch is been called a dermatologist.

Eligibility: Dermatology is one of the highly competitive field which requires a lot of educational qualification.

After completing 12th with PCB you need to go for a bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery (MBBS) and after MBBS you can go for master’s degree course in dermatology or doctor of medicine in dermatology.

Salary: In India, a dermatologist can easily earn around 6 lakhs per annum and with experience, they can earn more than that.

3. Dentist (4 to 6 lakhs per annum +):

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is the second most opt course after MBBS in India. It’s equivalent to MBBS and gives you “Dr” tag in your name.

In this course, students are taught about dental problems (problems related to teeth) and dental surgery.

We all have dental problems once in our life and therefore there is a lot of scope of BDS in India and foreign countries as well.

Eligibility: If you want to pursue BDS course after class 12th with science stream PCB (physics, chemistry and biology) you need at least 50% (40% for reserved category) to pursue BDS course.

Salary: In the start, you can earn around Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 and after gaining some experience you can earn 4 to 6 lakhs easily per annum.

4. Molecular biology (3 to 4 lakhs per annum +):

Molecular biology is the branch of biology which studies and conduct a research about structure and function of living organism at a molecular level. In this branch, they mostly focus on DNA, RNA, different proteins and their mechanism.

 Molecular biologist
Molecular biologist

The main aim of molecular biologists is to study and understand living organisms function at a molecular level.

Eligibility: Program to pursue molecular biology are offered in post-graduation. You are only eligible for MSc in molecular biology if you have done your bachelor’s BSc in genetics, microbiology, botany and zoology. 

Salary: A molecular biologist earns around Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 per month on average and after gaining experience they can even earn more.

5. Pharmacist (3 to 10 lakhs per annum easily +):


Medicine is a huge industry in India and there are many different medicines available in the market. So how would you know which medicine is for which diseases and what can happen if you take them?

Well here’s where pharmacist helps us for. The pharmacist’s job is of dispensing and managing medicines and making customer and patients aware of the correct usage of drug/medicine and what can be the side effects of medicine as well.

Pharmacists also must take care that a drug/medicine taken by a patient or customer does not effect another drug they are taking.

Eligibility: If you want to become a pharmacist then you require a degree either a diploma course in pharmacy (D.phrma) or Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma) after both degree you required a 6-month internship.

Salary: A new intern will get a salary of around 25,000 Rs a month and after experience and depending upon location you can ever earn around 75,000 Rs per month as well.

6. Physiotherapist (3 lakhs per anum to 10 lakhs per anum +):

Many people nowadays have problems regarding back pain, illness, and disability. Joints and knee pains are common these days and if you are the victim of one, then you should consider a Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist helps people to restore their movement from injury, illness or disability through exercise. 

They help in case of joint pains, back pain and many other problems related to movements. 

Eligibility: If you want to become a physiotherapist then you need to do a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy (BPT) and to do you that you need to be from 12th science PCB stream pass out with a minimum of 50% aggregate in physics, chemistry and biology. 

If you don’t know how to calculate aggregate and what is aggregate then no need to worry cause we have another article where we have shown you with different examples how to calculate aggregate percentage.

Salary:  In start a physiotherapist can earn around 1500 Rs per day and can go up to 70,000 per month as well and can get even more than that after experience. 

7. Podiatrist (8 Lakhs per annum +):


Many people have leg pain problems nowadays. I have seen an 8 years old child crying because his leg was paining and believe me if you are one who has this problem childhood then it’s going to get worst.

It’s time you need to consult a Podiatrist. A podiatrist is basically a specialist in movement and ankle department. If you are a podiatrist then you can perform surgery on legs, ankle treatment, ankle and foot infection and all the other things related to your legs and movement.

Well, this field is not much in the limelight but one of the good high pay career options most students ignore after class 12.

This field is growing because you know every day whether they are old or young everyone is dealing with leg pain if it’s getting worse then they need to go to Podiatrist in the end.

Eligibility: If you want to become a podiatrist in India then you need to pass your 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology background after that you need to enrol in a bachelor’s degree program in medicine and then you can go for post-graduation in podiatrist medicine which is a 4-year program.

After completing all these you are awarded with DPM (Doctor of Podiatrist Medicine) degree.

Salary: In India, if you are a Podiatrist doctor than you can easily earn around 8 lakhs per annum and even more than that after gaining some experience because the amount of patients with leg and ankle pain is increasing day by day.

8. Psychiatrist (12-15 lakhs per annum+):

According to a report of the World Health Organisation conducted by NCMH (National care of Medical Health), India is the most depressing country in the world.

So, therefore, the number of patients with mental problems are more here compare to any other country but psychiatrist are less and therefore it’s one of the most demanded and high paying career for students as well.

A psychiatrist is a specialist in diagnosing and treating mental illness such as depression.

Eligibility: To become a psychiatrist in India you need to opt for Doctor of Medicine (M.D) in psychiatrist after you have completed MBBS or you if you don’t want to do MBBS and still want to become a psychiatrist then you can go for psychologist and for that have to do your graduation/post-graduation in psychology. 

Now, there is one basic difference in being a psychiatrist and psychologist even though both of them deals with mental health but the approach of treating is different. If you are a psychiatrist then you can prescribe medicines but psychologists don’t prescribe medicine and instead use psychotherapy to treat their patients. 

Salary: In India, a psychiatrist can easily earn around 12-15 lakhs per annum and even more than that.

9. Psychologist (12-20 lakhs per annum+):

So many students get confused between psychiatrist and psychologist, well confusion is obvious because both of these profession deals with the same kind of patient’s but they both have a different approach.

A psychiatrist can prescribe you medicine because as you know to become a psychiatrist you need to do Doctor of Medicine (M.D) in psychiatrist.

Whereas a psychologist focuses more on treating emotional and mental treatment of patient with behaviour interaction.

Eligibility: To become a psychologist in India then after doing class 12th with PCB science stream you can go for Bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) in psychology then do your post-graduation in psychology after that you can at doctoral level after doing PhD.

Salary: A psychologist in India can easily earn around 12-20 lakhs per annum and even more than that based on their experience.

10. Veterinarian (10-20 lakhs per annum):


If you love pets and animal then veterinarian is the most suitable job for you. Veterinarians are animal doctors and specialist.

Eligibility: To become a veterinarian in India you need to complete your class 12th with PCB science stream. Well we have a detailed article on how to become a veterinarian in India so do read that as well.

Salary: A veterinarian can earn around 10-20 lakhs per annum easily and with experience, you can earn even more.

11. Nurse:

Well nurse plays an important role in treatment and there are certain qualifications to be nurse.

Nurse helps and plays the role of an assistant in surgery taking care of a patient in the absence of a doctor and most of time a nurse is with the patient to take care of them.

Nurse’s job is filled with a lot of responsibilities and therefore it’s not easy to be one.

Eligibility: To be nurse, a nurse course and become a nurse in India you need to pass class 12th with PCB and with at least 45% aggregate in PCB and English. 

Salary: Though the salary of a nurse is not as high as a doctor but a nurse can earn around 4-8 lakhs per annum which is pretty good compared to qualification.

12. Medical Technologist:

 Medical technologist
Medical technologist

Before treating a patient a doctor must know all data about the patient’s body and to do that different tests are performed. One of the most common of them is a blood test.

But there are different bunch of test and analysis needed by doctor before starting treatment and all this kind of test are performed by a medical technologist.

Medical technologist are basically a specialist in performing different test by collecting different samples from patients whether its blood, urine or any other kind of sample and generate reports on it, so that a doctor can identify diseases and start treatment.

Well, there is a lot of scope in this field as well because every doctor needs a report before starting treatment and they charge pretty high amount depending upon the type of test they are performing.

Eligibility: To become a Medical technologist you need to do a bachelor program in medical technology such as BSc – M.I.T or B.M.L.T after class 12th science with PCB

Salary: A medical technologist earns pretty well because they charge an amount of money depending upon the importance of the test or type of test they are performing. You can earn around 3-4 lakhs per annum easily and this is a decent amount if you compare it with qualification.

Still a lab technologist earns more money than lab technician.

13. Homeopath:

Well, homeopathy is the way of treatment based on the principle of “like can cure like” in which diseases are cured by a minor dosage of natural medicines which will eventually help the body to regain its health and fight diseases. 

The Homeopathic method can take time to cure because you take a low dosage of natural medicine and it takes time. Well this is a good career option which offers a high salary and more long-term patient because it takes time to cure.

By following the trend from the past few years many people are now shifting to the homeopathic methods of treatment when they get disappointed by treatment with high power medicine because homeopathic way has a low dosage of natural medicine so everything is natural here and they don’t have much side effects.

So it’s a good career option in the future for any students because it has good scope after certain years.

Eligibility: After class 12th with PCB if you want to pursue homeopathy then bachelor and masters both courses are available. You can go for Bachelors of Homeopathic medicines and Surgery (BHMS) which is around 5 and a half year course and then go for masters as well.

Admission in these courses is done based on entrance exams at the state and national levels both as NEET. If you are also preparing for NEET then we have a whole dedicated article on NEET preparation with all the details an aspirant needs to prepare for it. Check our NEET preparation guide as well.

Salary: In a government hospital a homeopathic doctor can earn around 30K per month whereas in the private sector you can easily around 60K+ per month depending upon your input and experience.

14. Forensic scientist (8 to 10 lakhs per annum +):

 Forensic scientist from C.I.D TV show
Forensic scientist from C.I.D TV show

Forensic science is an adventurous field that deals with scientific applications in the investigation of crime. Forensic science includes data analysis and acquisition for the study of crime science, investigation and criminal identification.

If you are one who loves adventures and is interested in the medical field as well then this can be the best career option you should pursue.

Eligibility:  After class 12th with PCB you can go for a bachelor degree in forensic science (Bsc Forensic Science) and if you want to take a master course in forensic science after bachelor then you need to get pass from first division in bachelors in subjects like physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, biochemistry, microbiology, B.pharma and applied science.

Salary: In India, an average salary in forensic science can be 8 to 10 lakhs per annum which can vary depending upon your designation and experience.


P.s: These are some of the famous high pay career options so therefore there will be high competition in this field. 

1. Cardiologist (20-40 lakhs per annum +):

Cardiologists are heart doctor and they are specialists in treating diseases related to heart like coronary artery diseases, heart failure, valvular heart disease, electrophysiology and other heart defects.


You know, nowadays heart diseases and heart attacks are common these days. According to a report on a news article it states that there is an increase in the number of heart patients 50% from 1990 to 2016 and it’s still increasing.

So, therefore, there is a high demand of cardiologist and this is also one of the high pay career options in India.

Eligibility: Becoming a cardiologist is a long course (12-year course). After class 12th you need to get a bachelor’s degree and do MBBS after that get into a PG course of Doctor of Medicine (MD) in general medicine and then go for a special course of DM in cardiology. 

So in total it’s around 12-year course.

Salary: After becoming a cardiologist you can earn 20-40 lakhs per annum easily and after gaining some reputation you can earn even more.

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