15 High Pay Career Options After 12th Science PCB Most Students Ignore

We are well aware about the importance of career selection after class 12th boards, your school life is over and now you have to decide which field and career you want to take and if you are from 12th science stream so there may be a possibility that you end up doing MBBS like most of people.

In this article, I will tell you 15 high paying career option (excluding MBBS) after class 12th PCB which most of students ignore.

Here is a list of 15 high paying career options for class 12th science PCB students:

Career options after 12th science PCB:

A class 12th science student with biology subject has many career options to go for rather than MBBS.

P.s: “+” sign denotes that you can earn more after gaining experience it depends upon your skills and experience you have there is no limit.

1. Horticulturist (2 – 28 lakhs per annum)
2. Dermatologist (6 lakhs per annum +)
3. Dentist (4 to 6 lakhs per annum +)
4. Molecular biology (3 to 4 lakhs per annum +)
5. Pharmacist (3 to 10 lakhs per annum easily +)
6. Physiotherapist (3 lakhs per annum to 10 lakhs per annum +)
7. Podiatrist (8 Lakhs per annum +)
8. Psychiatrist (12-15 lakhs per annum+)
9. Psychologist (12-20 lakhs per annum+)
10. Veterinarian (10-20 lakhs per annum)
11. Nurse
12. Medical Technologist
13. Homeopath
14. Forensic scientist (8 to 10 lakhs per anum +)

Let’s discuss them:

1. Horticulturist (2 to 28 lakhs per annum):


Horticulturist use their knowledge and skills in production and growth of plants and agriculture. Main goal of a horticulturist is:

  • To improve plant growth. 
  • Its nutritional value.
  • Quality.
  • Protection from insects and diseases.
  • Environmental stress.
So if you are interested in gardening then you should consider this field. 
Eligibility: You can go for a diploma in horticulture and if you wish to do masters in horticulture than you have to first go for a bachelors degree in horticulture and then masters.

You can go for a bachelor’s of science in horticulture or bachelor’s of technology in horticulture as well.

Salary: A fresher can get around 2 lakhs per annum but depending upon location, your level of education you can go as high as 28 lakhs per annum as well.

P.s: There is a huge and increasing demand for horticulture in India.

2. Dermatologist (6 lakhs per annum + ):

We all hate pimples! who doesn’t ? Is there even a reason to love pimple ? xD so what about different skin diseases ? Whom will you consider in such cases?

Well that’s Dermatologist. Dermatology is the branch that deals with skin diseases and disorder, apart from skin this branch deals with hair, scalp and nail diseases as well. A person who is an expert in this branch is been called a dermatologist.

Eligibility: Dermatology is one of the highly competitive field which requires a lot of educational qualification.

After completing 12th with PCB you need to go for a bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery (MBBS) and after MBBS you can go for master’s degree course in dermatology or doctor of medicine in dermatology.

Salary: In India, a dermatologist can easily earn around 6 lakhs per annum and with experience, they can earn more than that.

3. Dentist (4 to 6 lakhs per annum +):

Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) is the second most opt course after MBBS in India. It’s equivalent to MBBS and gives you “Dr” tag in your name.

In this course, students are taught about dental problems (problems related to teeth) and dental surgery.

We all have dental problems once in our life and therefore there is a lot of scope of BDS in India and foreign countries as well.

Eligibility: If you want to pursue BDS course after class 12th with science stream PCB (physics, chemistry and biology) you need at least 50% (40% for reserved category) to pursue BDS course.

Salary: In the start, you can earn around Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 and after gaining some experience you can earn 4 to 6 lakhs easily per annum.

4. Molecular biology (3 to 4 lakhs per annum +):

Molecular biology is the branch of biology which studies and conduct a research about structure and function of living organism at a molecular level. In this branch, they mostly focus on DNA, RNA, different proteins and their mechanism.

 Molecular biologist
Molecular biologist

The main aim of molecular biologists is to study and understand living organisms function at a molecular level.

Eligibility: Program to pursue molecular biology are offered in post-graduation. You are only eligible for MSc in molecular biology if you have done your bachelor’s BSc in genetics, microbiology, botany and zoology. 

Salary: A molecular biologist earns around Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 per month on average and after gaining experience they can even earn more.

5. Pharmacist (3 to 10 lakhs per annum easily +):


Medicine is a huge industry in India and there are many different medicines available in the market. So how would you know which medicine is for which diseases and what can happen if you take them?

Well here’s where pharmacist helps us for. The pharmacist’s job is of dispensing and managing medicines and making customer and patients aware of the correct usage of drug/medicine and what can be the side effects of medicine as well.

Pharmacists also must take care that a drug/medicine taken by a patient or customer does not effect another drug they are taking.

Eligibility: If you want to become a pharmacist then you require a degree either a diploma course in pharmacy (D.phrma) or Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma) after both degree you required a 6-month internship.

Salary: A new intern will get a salary of around 25,000 Rs a month and after experience and depending upon location you can ever earn around 75,000 Rs per month as well.

6. Physiotherapist (3 lakhs per anum to 10 lakhs per anum +):

Many people nowadays have problems regarding back pain, illness, and disability. Joints and knee pains are common these days and if you are the victim of one, then you should consider a Physiotherapist.

Physiotherapist helps people to restore their movement from injury, illness or disability through exercise. 

They help in case of joint pains, back pain and many other problems related to movements. 

Eligibility: If you want to become a physiotherapist then you need to do a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy (BPT) and to do you that you need to be from 12th science PCB stream pass out with a minimum of 50% aggregate in physics, chemistry and biology. 

If you don’t know how to calculate aggregate and what is aggregate then no need to worry cause we have another article where we have shown you with different examples how to calculate aggregate percentage.

Salary:  In start a physiotherapist can earn around 1500 Rs per day and can go up to 70,000 per month as well and can get even more than that after experience. 

7. Podiatrist (8 Lakhs per annum +):


Many people have leg pain problems nowadays. I have seen an 8 years old child crying because his leg was paining and believe me if you are one who has this problem childhood then it’s going to get worst.

It’s time you need to consult a Podiatrist. A podiatrist is basically a specialist in movement and ankle department. If you are a podiatrist then you can perform surgery on legs, ankle treatment, ankle and foot infection and all the other things related to your legs and movement.

Well, this field is not much in the limelight but one of the good high pay career options most students ignore after class 12.

This field is growing because you know every day whether they are old or young everyone is dealing with leg pain if it’s getting worse then they need to go to Podiatrist in the end.

Eligibility: If you want to become a podiatrist in India then you need to pass your 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Biology background after that you need to enrol in a bachelor’s degree program in medicine and then you can go for post-graduation in podiatrist medicine which is a 4-year program.

After completing all these you are awarded with DPM (Doctor of Podiatrist Medicine) degree.

Salary: In India, if you are a Podiatrist doctor than you can easily earn around 8 lakhs per annum and even more than that after gaining some experience because the amount of patients with leg and ankle pain is increasing day by day.

8. Psychiatrist (12-15 lakhs per annum+):

According to a report of the World Health Organisation conducted by NCMH (National care of Medical Health), India is the most depressing country in the world.

So, therefore, the number of patients with mental problems are more here compare to any other country but psychiatrist are less and therefore it’s one of the most demanded and high paying career for students as well.

A psychiatrist is a specialist in diagnosing and treating mental illness such as depression.

Eligibility: To become a psychiatrist in India you need to opt for Doctor of Medicine (M.D) in psychiatrist after you have completed MBBS or you if you don’t want to do MBBS and still want to become a psychiatrist then you can go for psychologist and for that have to do your graduation/post-graduation in psychology. 

Now, there is one basic difference in being a psychiatrist and psychologist even though both of them deals with mental health but the approach of treating is different. If you are a psychiatrist then you can prescribe medicines but psychologists don’t prescribe medicine and instead use psychotherapy to treat their patients. 

Salary: In India, a psychiatrist can easily earn around 12-15 lakhs per annum and even more than that.

9. Psychologist (12-20 lakhs per annum+):

So many students get confused between psychiatrist and psychologist, well confusion is obvious because both of these profession deals with the same kind of patient’s but they both have a different approach.

A psychiatrist can prescribe you medicine because as you know to become a psychiatrist you need to do Doctor of Medicine (M.D) in psychiatrist.

Whereas a psychologist focuses more on treating emotional and mental treatment of patient with behaviour interaction.

Eligibility: To become a psychologist in India then after doing class 12th with PCB science stream you can go for Bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) in psychology then do your post-graduation in psychology after that you can at doctoral level after doing PhD.

Salary: A psychologist in India can easily earn around 12-20 lakhs per annum and even more than that based on their experience.

10. Veterinarian (10-20 lakhs per annum):


If you love pets and animal then veterinarian is the most suitable job for you. Veterinarians are animal doctors and specialist.

Eligibility: To become a veterinarian in India you need to complete your class 12th with PCB science stream. Well we have a detailed article on how to become a veterinarian in India so do read that as well.

Salary: A veterinarian can earn around 10-20 lakhs per annum easily and with experience, you can earn even more.

11. Nurse:

Well nurse plays an important role in treatment and there are certain qualifications to be nurse.

Nurse helps and plays the role of an assistant in surgery taking care of a patient in the absence of a doctor and most of time a nurse is with the patient to take care of them.

Nurse’s job is filled with a lot of responsibilities and therefore it’s not easy to be one.

Eligibility: To be nurse, a nurse course and become a nurse in India you need to pass class 12th with PCB and with at least 45% aggregate in PCB and English. 

Salary: Though the salary of a nurse is not as high as a doctor but a nurse can earn around 4-8 lakhs per annum which is pretty good compared to qualification.

12. Medical Technologist:

 Medical technologist
Medical technologist

Before treating a patient a doctor must know all data about the patient’s body and to do that different tests are performed. One of the most common of them is a blood test.

But there are different bunch of test and analysis needed by doctor before starting treatment and all this kind of test are performed by a medical technologist.

Medical technologist are basically a specialist in performing different test by collecting different samples from patients whether its blood, urine or any other kind of sample and generate reports on it, so that a doctor can identify diseases and start treatment.

Well, there is a lot of scope in this field as well because every doctor needs a report before starting treatment and they charge pretty high amount depending upon the type of test they are performing.

Eligibility: To become a Medical technologist you need to do a bachelor program in medical technology such as BSc – M.I.T or B.M.L.T after class 12th science with PCB

Salary: A medical technologist earns pretty well because they charge an amount of money depending upon the importance of the test or type of test they are performing. You can earn around 3-4 lakhs per annum easily and this is a decent amount if you compare it with qualification.

Still a lab technologist earns more money than lab technician.

13. Homeopath:

Well, homeopathy is the way of treatment based on the principle of “like can cure like” in which diseases are cured by a minor dosage of natural medicines which will eventually help the body to regain its health and fight diseases. 

The Homeopathic method can take time to cure because you take a low dosage of natural medicine and it takes time. Well this is a good career option which offers a high salary and more long-term patient because it takes time to cure.

By following the trend from the past few years many people are now shifting to the homeopathic methods of treatment when they get disappointed by treatment with high power medicine because homeopathic way has a low dosage of natural medicine so everything is natural here and they don’t have much side effects.

So it’s a good career option in the future for any students because it has good scope after certain years.

Eligibility: After class 12th with PCB if you want to pursue homeopathy then bachelor and masters both courses are available. You can go for Bachelors of Homeopathic medicines and Surgery (BHMS) which is around 5 and a half year course and then go for masters as well.

Admission in these courses is done based on entrance exams at the state and national levels both as NEET. If you are also preparing for NEET then we have a whole dedicated article on NEET preparation with all the details an aspirant needs to prepare for it. Check our NEET preparation guide as well.

Salary: In a government hospital a homeopathic doctor can earn around 30K per month whereas in the private sector you can easily around 60K+ per month depending upon your input and experience.

14. Forensic scientist (8 to 10 lakhs per annum +):

 Forensic scientist from C.I.D TV show
Forensic scientist from C.I.D TV show

Forensic science is an adventurous field that deals with scientific applications in the investigation of crime. Forensic science includes data analysis and acquisition for the study of crime science, investigation and criminal identification.

If you are one who loves adventures and is interested in the medical field as well then this can be the best career option you should pursue.

Eligibility:  After class 12th with PCB you can go for a bachelor degree in forensic science (Bsc Forensic Science) and if you want to take a master course in forensic science after bachelor then you need to get pass from first division in bachelors in subjects like physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, biochemistry, microbiology, B.pharma and applied science.

Salary: In India, an average salary in forensic science can be 8 to 10 lakhs per annum which can vary depending upon your designation and experience.


P.s: These are some of the famous high pay career options so therefore there will be high competition in this field. 

1. Cardiologist (20-40 lakhs per annum +):

Cardiologists are heart doctor and they are specialists in treating diseases related to heart like coronary artery diseases, heart failure, valvular heart disease, electrophysiology and other heart defects.


You know, nowadays heart diseases and heart attacks are common these days. According to a report on a news article it states that there is an increase in the number of heart patients 50% from 1990 to 2016 and it’s still increasing.

So, therefore, there is a high demand of cardiologist and this is also one of the high pay career options in India.

Eligibility: Becoming a cardiologist is a long course (12-year course). After class 12th you need to get a bachelor’s degree and do MBBS after that get into a PG course of Doctor of Medicine (MD) in general medicine and then go for a special course of DM in cardiology. 

So in total it’s around 12-year course.

Salary: After becoming a cardiologist you can earn 20-40 lakhs per annum easily and after gaining some reputation you can earn even more.

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  1. Hi glad to hear that you are interested in forensic science. There are many colleges all over india to do Bachelor's in forensic science. If I have to name some then you can check for Dr. Bhim rao ambedkar university in Agra, University of Madras, Amity University, Osmania University. These were only the few, there are many more just google them and select best according to you. If you need any furthur assistance feel free to contact us on Instagram @thestudentbaba 🙂

  2. I want to be a chef and study Culinary Arts as I am.good and drawing, painting and sketching. Can you suggest as to how to clear the all India entrance examination of culinary academy of India

  3. First of all bro I am extremely sorry for replying so late, I did some research on this topic and asked my friend who is a professional chef. The only advise he gave me is to focus on your personality and body language because this all that they will focus on. Entrance examination of culinary academy of India consists of three rounds: 1. Written test 2. Group discussion and 3. Personal round and your score and whether you are going to clear it or not is totally dependent on your body language and personality so just keep improving it. Also one last thing, your drawing and painting skills are important and can be of great help for you. If you wish to ask anything else feel free to contact us on our instagram @thestudentbaba. Best of luck 🙂

  4. Good choice btw its a great career opportunity because demand is only going to increase in the near future and there is not much competition in it as well if you compare it with other medical fields. Dont worry there are colleges in India which are located in Banglore Ahmedabad and Kochi. You will find some of the best colleges to complete your post graduation here. All the other details I have mentioned in this article and if you need any more help related to this, feel free to contact us on instagram @thestudentbaba. We will glad to help you

  5. All the careers are good and to select the right option is on your and what you build your interest in. Try thinking about each career and think if you would want to do it and still have the same interest in it after 10 years the way you do it now. Also if there is anything you want to talk about feel free to contact us on our instagram page @thestudentbaba. We will help you for sure

  6. What should i do if i want to join iit but maths mark is low. However, my physics n bio marks are high. [keeping my chem marks average]. Should i try neet instead of jee when iam intrested in both

  7. First question you should ask yourself is, why you want to join? IIT in the first place? Is it because of some peer pressure or just because society wants you to do it, in order to have a good reputation in society? If that's your reason then I will recommend to ask yourself again what you really want to do. On the other hand if you want to join IIT not for money, fame or reputation in society but to actually learn and study something about a field which you want to learn and explore then definetly go for it. If you want to join IIT for 2nd reason then no matter if you go for NEET or JEE, you will get into IIT and even if you are not able to make it through IIT one thing I can assure is that, YOU will be successfull and satisfied from bottom of your heart after 5 or 10 Years. (I know all this may sound a motivation lecture to you but trust me, this is the truth which I am experiencing right now so just thought to share it with you.)

  8. Agriculture is a vast field and there are plenty of career options as well, but before going into that, can you please tell me, what you are aiming for ? Or what you want to become ?

  9. You cannot get admission in BAMS college without clearing your NEET examination. You need to score marks as per your category. I have mentioned down below the cut off for BAMS college.
    For General Category: 490+ to 350+
    For OBC Category: 490+ to 330+
    For SC Category: 350+ to 280+
    For ST Category: 220+ to 340+
    For UR-PH Category: 450+ to 320+
    For OBC/SC/ST Category: 280+ to 320For General Category: 490+ to 350+
    For OBC Category: 490+ to 330+
    For SC Category: 350+ to 280+
    For ST Category: 220+ to 340+
    For UR-PH Category: 450+ to 320+
    For OBC/SC/ST Category: 280+ to 320

  10. Hii I have passed my hsc this year with 56 percent would you plzz suggest me some course for which I would be eligible I belong to open caste

  11. Before getting into the salary stuff, what I would like to tell you is, that don't go for numbers. You can make humongous amount of money in every field as long as you like to do what you are doing. Your work basically. Now answering your question, all these fields are extremely important to run society and economy of any country and due to this whole pandemic thing there are chances that for 1-2 years you will see the slight lower numbers in salary because world is still getting over this pandemic but as soon as this pandemic will end, I mean after 4-5 years, you will see a big spike in salary of these profession as they are related to health and now people are more concious about health.

  12. Hi sir I am in 12th std PCB group l like biology most but human physiology not interested in botany and plants and I wont become a doctor I do some interesting about biology not in medical career everybody says only medical is best but I shown that people Not medical career is best others are better to this pls suggest me sir😇 ur follower.

  13. Well, that's great. You already know the subjects and field you are interested in. Let's talk on instagram. Send us a message on our instagram account @thestudentbaba, we will surely discuss and solve all the queries you have as that would be our priority 🙂

  14. Hlo sir ,sir now i am in 12 std.and i am confused about my further courses ,from above suggestions i found my interest in two sides one is horticulture and second is BDS ,and i think in pcb my cb is good so pls suggest one which is best for me,.pls

  15. See, all the courses are good and they become best for you when you possess those certain skills required in that particular field. Now, it depends on you, in which field you have interest and in which field you feel you can do your best. Still, if you have any query or any second thoughts you can talk to us on our Instagram page @thestudentbaba.

  16. I just want to know that these all jobs that are sugested here with the salary of per anmum are beter but i am confused somewhere that if i wan unable to performe beter in those so what will i do?

  17. Hii sir i have completed my hsc this year with 54%.so what r the field opportunity after 12th . Which field should I follow. My aim is 2 clear upsc .But l want the backup plan for future. So sir plz help me

  18. Well, if you are aiming for UPSC and really dedicated to crack it then you will need a bachelor degree for UPSC. If UPSC is your only target then you can go for BA and during your BA, you can prepare for UPSC exam. Well in case you are still confuse and uncertain about your career then feel free to contact us on instagram @thestudentbaba. We will definetly help you there 🙂

  19. See all the careers are best and theres no limit of amount of money you can earn. You just need to select the career which you want to do and the work which gives you satisfacton and you are good to go. Don't worry about performance or something like that, just focus on enjoying what you do and learning every single day.

  20. You are interested in IAS and that's really great but while selecting your career what I feel is you should focus on what you want to do from the bottom of your heart. You should ask yourself what work you want to do and do you enjoy that work?. If the answer is yes then you should definetly go for it. If you agree with what I am saying then DM us on @thestudentbaba we will take this conversation further and hope we comes to a constructive conclusion for you 🙂

  21. I have passed 12th from PCB this year and I am a very average student also I don't wanna give so many years for study kindly suggest me some higher earning jobs

  22. First thing which I want to tell you is your marks will not matter in long term. Maybe they are important now but after 2-3 years, it will not and the living and life you will have depends on your skills and the work you will be doing. Now for everyone this ideal work is different because everyone is different. No matter which career you go for as long as you are doing something you actually love to do i.e you love your work you will be doing excellent in life and will not have to worry about finance. So if you want to select the best career for yourself, you will have to take some time and ask yourself this question "What I like to do?". Don't think about money but just think about the work and why you love to do it. There is no boundary of selecting the career from PCB background only, as long as you love something you are willing to learn it and do it. I hope this helps, if your query is still not solved then feel free to talk to us on Instagram @thestudentbaba 🙂

  23. Thank you sir for this information…sir i want to ask about pyschology…sir is it better to do pyschology from India or from abroad and is pyschology get enhanced in upcoming years in india??

  24. Psychology is definitely going to grab a lot of market in the future but as of now at least in India people are not much aware of the work of a psychologist. When it comes to studying psychology it would be great if you studied Bachelor's in India and then for Master's you can go abroad as there is much scope in Psychology than India. Also, if you want to work with NGO's in India to spread awareness about Psychology and the work of a psychologist you can do that as well whilst having your own clinic. There are numerous options you can chose from. I hope I have solved your query, if there is anything else you would like to know you can reply to this comment or connect with us on Instagram @thestudentbaba. 🙂

  25. Hey Annu, there is scope in every field in India and in any field out there. You can earn as much money you want you just need to be passionate enough for it and enjoy the work.

    If you want to go for forensic science and love this work then you can definetly earn good.

    One personal suggestion, we always recommend to follow your passion and work on yourself.

    If you love the job and work you are doing then just go for it and don't think about how much you can earn because after 10 years money is not something which will matter but instead whether you are satisfied or not and happy in your life matters.

    I hope this helps you. If you have any other query, connect with us on instagram @thestudentbaba 🙂

  26. Sir/mam
    Can you guide me through my queries about biomedical science.
    1- i am very keen to learn what it is all about.
    2- i have interest in biology and thinking of doing that but afraid is there scope for biomedical science.
    3- what colleges will be good to go with studying this.

    Will be glad if you tell sir.

  27. Yeah sure, sorry for late reply but I will try my best to answer all your queries.

    1. As the name suggests, Biomedical science uses knowledge of biology and medicines for healthcare. Now this is actually a vast field but you can generalise it into 3 general area:

    a. Pyschiological Science
    b. Life science
    c. Bioengineering

    Career in this is mostly research and lab based with the aim to improve the healthcare system and knowledge of medical science. This can be the best field for you if you love conducting research and biology.

    2. We personally feel that there is scope in every field out there with infinite possiblities of earning money but only if you love the work and enjoy doing it. If you put your passion into your work then career and scope will be there and you will earn money so always select career on the basis of what you like to do and what you love to do.

    When it comes to biomedical science, you will be doing research because there are many things still unknown to us and "discovering the unknown" is something that motivates many great researchers.

    So if you feel that you love to do this and enjoy this work then you should definetly go for it but if there is uncertainity in your mind whether you love the work or not then take time and think what you enjoy doing and pursue your career in that.

    3. If you want to go for biomedical science then there are many colleges:

    If I have to name few of them then:

    For India –
    a. Acharya Narendra Dev collage (Delhi)
    b. Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya (Uttarakhand)
    c. Mahatma gandhi University (Kerala)

    For abroad –
    a. Jacobs University Bermen (Germany)
    b. NUI Galway (Ireland)
    c. University of Kent (UK)

    These are just some of them, there are many more just search a bit about it.

    I hope this helps you, if you still have some queries feel free to connect with us on instagram @thestudentbaba. Will be glad to help you 🙂

  28. and what about the salary in pyschology field mam… which thing is more better being a professor in pyschology or being a pyschologist and mam after doing masters in pyschology from abroad do we have to give a license exam for being a proper pyschologist??

  29. In coming years Psychology is going to be in demand and the need of an psychologist will increase. If you love to teach and want to stay connected to this field you can be a professor but if you want to talk to people help them you can be a clinical psychologist. About the license, you don't have to give a particular exam to get it you will get it if you complete minimum level of education in Psychology (eg. BA (Hons) Psychology). If you go abroad for Masters and settle there it will pay you more than an Indian Psychologist.

  30. I do not want to pursue any medical profession further. .. Can you suggest a job possible out of biology and mbbs totally. . A total change of course? !

  31. Kindly answer ASAP I m in a high need tk find a profession completely out of this medical staff. .a total change of line. .pls help

  32. Well there are many other career options apart from medical field. You can develop any skill and work in that particular field.

    I would recommend instead of searching for other job oppurtunities apart from Medical, search for the field and work you like to do (Not compulsory related to medical only but any other work) and field career in that.That will be more better.

    If you still searching for any other career options apart from medical field, we have other articles as well for PCM, commerce or Arts student. You can check them here: https://www.student-baba.com/search/label/CAREER?&max-results=6.

    Fun fact: I have also mentioned other career oppurtunities in these article which dosen't require a particular stream and anyone can do it. So I highly recommend to check them and if you still have any query feel free to connect with us on our instagram @thestudentbaba

  33. If you have only one thing in your mind then you should go for Biotechnology but if you want to experience new challenges in your everyday and really want to do something for your country by maybe creating new medicines from R&D or you want to benefit orders from your work then you should go for Pharmacy. At Student Baba we feel no career is less and you should keep that money aspect aside and for once think for yourself what you really want to do and what your happiness lies in.

  34. Preferences should be based on your thinking and your dislikes and likes. Its simple, if you are excited by the work of some Pharmacist or some Environmental Science person then you should ask yourself what you feel like giving your preference to.

  35. Hello sir
    Wanna know that for pursuing BSc forensic science do we have to clear any entrance exam ??
    And does it is available in government colleges too ??

  36. Sirr i am 12 passed with 80 percent from science stream… I confused what should I do… My entrance exam not well and I know I can't qualify for that… So suggest me.. What should I do??

  37. Yes there are many government colleges. Most of colleges I mentioned in the above comments are government only and there is no specific entrace exam for BSc in Forensic science. Admissions are done based on merit.

    Though there are some universities who conduct their own entrance exam but in most cases admission is done on the basis of class 12th marks.

  38. Hi, you don't have to worry. You have scored very good marks in your 12th. If you are confused about what you should do and how to select a right career for you. I will recommend you to not stress this out.

    This is a decision which is important and it will take time to figure it out. Just make sure to not follow something under peer pressure. Think about work you enjoy doing and have genuiene insterest in.

    There is always some work around even if you dont have required marks for that. You can still pursue career in the field if you have passion towards it.

    Create a list of things you like doing (I would recommend to write it on paper) and then ask yourself these two question.

    1. Can you love and enjoy doing this work?
    2. Why do/would you love doing this work ?

    If you feel satisfied with your answer or you have no double thoughts and without any involement of any kind of peer pressure then you are good to go.

    Every career has a scope to discover all you need is a passion towards it.

    As long as you enjoy what you are doing, thats the most ultimate satisfaction an individual can acheive in its life and if you are still unsure and wanna to talk about it a little more, always feel free to connect with us on instagram @thestudentbaba We are always there for you.

  39. Biotechnology is now advancing and not a lot of people know about the scope biotechnology has. It is the most fast growing field and also the payment is much higher. It is a good career option overall.

    It benefits humans a lot. Introducing new breeds, researching on an organism to know if it would be of any use, etc. is carried out in the labs. So, I wouldn't say that there are no good jobs after that.

  40. Both the careers are good and have scope. If you notice, in recent years people are inclined more towards vedas and ayurvedic medicines because they trust it more. It has a good scope in future and same goes for nursing as well.

    It just depends on you, what you want to do. I will always recommend to follow your career in things you are more intersted in. If you enjoy the work you do, career scope and oppurtunity will be infinite. Every career is good, you just need right passion towards it. So always follow something you like to do.

    P.S: Don't think about other aspects such as money or other materialistic things. They do matter but not while you are thinking of work you enjoy. Every career option has scope and potential to earn any amount you want. All you need is right skill and mindset which will only come when you will enjoy your own work.

  41. Sir I m a 12th passed student and I selected bsc nursing after it it my decision but my relatives suggest that it's salary is not to high and not a good choice plz suggest

  42. See, Bsc Nursing is a good course and if you ask me, there is nothing such as good or bad course.

    It's more like, "whether this course is good for me or not?" and this is not decided on the basis of scope in a particular career or salary you will be getting but instead it's decide on the basis of what work you enjoy doing.

    If there is something which you like and you enjoy doing, then you should definetly go for it irrespective of what other says.

    Talking about career scope in BSc nursuing, you can say that salary is little low compare to other career options but one thing which you need to take care of if you are going for nursing is, "Will you enjoy taking care of your patients or not? Do you like helping other so much that you can pursue it as your career?"

    If answer is "Yes!" then definetly go for that, but if it's "No" then take your time and think of work you will enjoy doing and pursue career in that.

    I hope this helps, if you still have any other query, always feel free to ask here or you can connect with us directly on our instagram @thestudentbaba. We will be more then happy to help you.

  43. Sir, I got 370 in neet.. Am depressed nd confused..
    1.Can I get mbbs seat?..
    2.If not, can u plzz suggest me highest paid jobs through bpc with less number of years of study?

  44. Hello, you don't have to be depressed and you should apply for MBBS and at least wait till the very last list. Don't lose hope so easily and even if you don't get into MBBS there are many other options like BSc in Zoology, Microbiology, etc..

    Also in these fields you will have to study only for 3 years and then you can continue with your job or you can also do MSc ahead.

    Always remember one thing, don't do something just because there is a lot of money in it instead do something you would happily want to and couldn't get nough out of it.

    You might not find the same satisfcation and happiness once you do it for money but you definately would feel these emotions once you do something for yourself

    If you still have any query, please feel free to connect with us anytime on instagram @thestudentbaba

  45. Sir, bsc life sciences from du or b pharm from DIPSAR which is better to pursue?
    Am interested in doing MBA afterwards.
    But if I couldn't clear the cat exam what are the other options for masters following that I have done my graduation in any of the two courses listed above.

    P.s. How much time comsuming is b pharma if we want to prepare for competitive exams.

    Kindly reply sir.

  46. Bsc life science, and B pharma both the courses are good with scope but only if you are pursuing them with your own interest.

    After doing BSc in Life science, you can go for MSc and after B pharma you can go for masters in pharmacy as well.

    If you want to go for MBA after your bachelors and clearing CAT is your only end goal then I would recommend to go for BSc in Life science because you will get more preparation time for your MBA during studies whereas in B pharma you will have to spend your time in studies as this is little more time consuming course compare to BSc life science.

    There are lot more talk to be done before coming to a final conclusion. I hope this helps you but in case if you have any more query, please always feel free to connect with us on Instagram @thestudentbaba. We are always here to help you.

  47. hlw sir , i have completed my 12th from pcb, i am an average student and i want to know that can bams be a good option for further studies

  48. Hello Mahi, first thing which I want to tell you that there is nothing such as "average student" in this world. Everyone has some talent and skills, there maybe case where you are judging yourself as average student based on your marks but you may know the concept more better then a topper.

    So this whole thing about average student is not something you should consider while selecting a right career for you. Whereas the thing you should consider is your own interest in a particular field.

    BAMS is a good career and has scope in it but I would recommend you to pursue course not on the basis of scope or money, these factors are secondary factors and primary factor should be your own interest and passion. If you like BAMS and you are genuinely interested for this then definetly you should go for it.

    I hope this helps you but in case you still have any query or want to ask something, you can reply here or feel free to connect with us anytime directly on our instagram @thestudentbaba

  49. actually sir i am a bit confused i am highly interested in both psychology and agriculture courses but at the same time its important for me to get in something which takes me to a good pay career in future and also at the same time i dont have much knowledge about these courses, from where to study and what to study so i thought to get into bams as i also have interest in that

  50. That's great, if you are interested in Psychology and Agriculture, both of them are good career options. The only problem which I find in your case is, I am not sure whether you are going for BAMS just because you don't know about other courses or is it because you have interest in BAMS.

    See Mahi, selecting a right career is always important but as I mentioned earlier, money or scope is important but they are secondary factors and the primary factor is your own interest. I have a reason to believe in this.

    Let me explain it with an example: Suppose you dont have interest in MBBS but you still pursue MBBS just because it has scope and earning oppurtunities are good compared to other courses. After 5 years of study, you are earning well and your all primary goals are full filled. This is what most of people think what an Ideal life is but reality is bit different. Even though you will have money and all the luxuries in your life, you are spending most of your time doing something which you have 0 interest in it and now you are stuck doing that same thing because your whole life revolves around it.

    When you select a career, just know one thing. This is going to be the work which maybe you are going to do most of your life and if you don't enjoy the work, it can never bring internal satisfaction no matter how much bigs perks are.

    That's why I always recommend to pursue something in which you have your own interest, money and other things do matter but they are always secondary factors and primary should be your own interest.

    Now let's talk about your case, You have interest in psychology and agriculture. Both the courses have scope specially psychology. Mental health is important and people will realise this sooner or later. In the same way, India is an agriculture based country and if you are someone who has genuine interest in agriculture. You can not only earn well while working for others but you can even start your own agricultural based business or things which can actually help to grow India.

    This way earning oppurtunities in both these career can be endless but all you need is a genuine interest in that field. This same goes for BAMS as well.

    Now if you are confused about which course to go for, I would recommend to select the one which has your most interest. If you have doubts regarding a particular course or want to any other details regarding college, syllabus, basically anything. Always feel free to connect with us anytime on Instagram @thestudentbaba. We will try our best to solve your problem if we could.

    Student Baba is always there for every student no matter what the problem is 🙂

  51. thank u sir for explaining me, i was going for bams because i have less knowledge about other courses but as u said now i will choose it as per my interest and will contact u for more info

  52. Welcome, we are always here to help you. Always feel free to connect with us anytime on instagram @thestudentbaba. Reply can take little delay but I can assure you that, we will reply for sure.

  53. I have read your comments and I felt like asking advice regarding my problem. I feel like I don't know what to do now, I have always been a studious student but due to negligence in my study during 10+2, I got 85% in PCB stream. And I only got 470 in neet, I never want to be a doctor but there was not any exam I otherwise applied for so I had to drop and did self study but still now I got 500 in neet, bcoz I didn't work on my mistakes. I have vet entrance exam of my state,rajasthan and icar. Vet councelling is going on and I am at border, for icar, I will not get agriculture with rank in 8k. I don't know now what to do .

    All I wanted is
    I have only seen myself as doing a job of an IAS officer since my childhood, it is the career that amaze, I want to work on social issues, I want to be directly able to improve our society and systems of India and I also like the name that one gain front his field and everybody knows it's not easy task to get through it.
    So my mom wants me to do graduation in a course that will first offer me assurance of govt job. I took PCB bcoz I didn't want to take maths and booty was interesting but like maths , I hated physics and I didn't work on it bcoz this was never the field I wanted to go in.

    1)I want to study from a well govt college
    2)I want to do a course that I don't need to explain people like I opted for occupational therapy but nobody knew about it, the college was private and only 6 people took admission so I didn't go and dropped instead
    3) I wanted to do graduation in field which will give me more surety of govt job after graduation bcoz I don't want to study further except in case when i will not be able to clear upsc after all my changes

    I have interest in psychology and in fields regarding healthcare which includes mental health along with treating not like mbbs. Also, I am keen of social system but I don't think I will be able to do BA in any subjects.

    I don't know what should I do, the options are keep on decreasing. Do you have any idea which field suits me?

  54. Hello, first thing I would like to say is there are just so many things currently going in your mind and it will make things more confusing for you. So lets talk about all the problem and solve them one by one. If you would like to, you can contact us directly here on instagram @thestudentbaba and we will continue this conversation there.

  55. hey friend our situations are same i also wanted to be an IAS as i wated to be a social worker but i took pcb as my parents didnt allow me to take arts as u know arts is best for upse, i just want to suggest u that clear one thing that what u want from ur life and what will satisfy u, job is secondary but ur interest should be ur priority and for ias u should take a graduation degree with any intrested subject and with that u can prepare for upsc or if u have interest or u love to motivate or help people come out from depression or tension then u can go for psychology , please remember one thing do what gives u happiness or u will end up having no pleasure in life , its just an suggestion as i was also going through same

  56. I am really sorry but even after researching on this topic, I couldn't find a good college for BSc Psychology in MP. If you want to, here is the list of some of the best colleges for psychology in India:

    1. Christ College, Bangalore
    2. Loreto College, Kolkata
    3. Fergusson College, Pune
    4. Jai Hind College, Mumbai
    5. St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad and Mumbai

  57. but sir i scored very less percentage in 12th (63) as i never took studies seriously but now i want to work hard , will i get admission in any of them, i dont think so 🙁

  58. I would say, its never too late. You have realised your mistake and now you want to work even more hard this shows that you have grown. I want to say that even though you have scored less but 63% is not less if you think it of this way.

    Imagine how many students have not got chance to complete even 10th, To be precise 17% students have not completed class 10th in 2016, you are still more educated then them, which means you have higher chance of getting employed.

    Population is an issue in this country but more bigger problem is the mindset. Everyone thinks, "More people means more competition" (This is negative thought) but reality is, "More people means more oppurtunities to grow and expand" (This is positive thought).

    Now lets come to point once again, even though you think you scored less but you are still eligible to get admission in colleges. This is true that it can be hard to get admission in good college but its not at all hard to get good education specially in this world of internet.

    Get admission in any college you can get, but dont get too dependent on college to learn and grow, Instead learn by yourself and explore new things in your course. Learn different concept and how to apply them in practical life. Only this way you can become better in your field and if you are good with your skills, no matter what your qualifications are. You will do good in your life and most importantly will be satisfied with it.

    Also if you score good in your bachelors after working hard then if you are planning to for masters, get admission in reputated university because if you are doing masters then University from where you completed masters will matter more then university or college from where you will complete your college but no matter what college or university you get into. Just always explore, learn and build skills.

    All knowledge is easily accessible, only thing you need is right mindset. All things I said above is true but only if you are pursuing the courses you are genuinely interested in. Don't pursue a course which doesnt excites you or spark the curiosity inside you.

    I hope this helps and clear your doubts, dont worry we are always here to help you. You can text us anytime on Instagram @thestudentbaba. Reply can be late depending upon we are active there or not but we will reply for sure. 🙂

  59. hi
    i gave neet this year and scored 601 but not able to grab any mbbs seat ?
    i still have doubts whether should i repeat or not
    but want to make career in medical so my next interest is physiothearpy . i just want to do what is the scope of this field in india in next 5 years.

  60. Hello, first of all congratulations you have scored really good marks in NEET. I just want to say that if you really want to go for MBBS and are passionate about it and you are sure that by preparing for 1 more year you can get a seat next year in MBBS then go for that but in case if you have slightest of doubt about any of these things like:

    1. Do I really want to go for MBBS ?
    2. Will I be happy and satisfied with it ?

    If your answer is "Yes" then go for it but in case its "No" I would recommend to check for other courses which suits you more and will make you more happy. If its physiothearpy then go for it but only if you are really interested in it. There is scope in every field all you need is real skills and interest towards that field.

    I hope your query is now solved if you have any other doubt please always feel free to connect with us anytime here or on instagram @thestudentbaba.

  61. Wht should i do after 10th after scoring a good percentage my hobby is hotel management but i fear of not getting job so i choose to go for science stream but m not able to decide either i should take PCM or PCB n which course should i go for after 12th std plz help me…

  62. Hello, first of all I would like to say that if you are interested in Hotel Management then you should consider it as a career option because this is actually a very good course but before coming to all this I would like to say that you are still in 10th and I know there is this unseen pressure on many 10th students to choose the right career and stuff. Believe me, we also were in the same boat and one thing which we realize now is, "You still have sufficient time to decide your career". This is actually true and even after deciding the stream after 10th, most of them are not sure about what career to go for and that's totally fine. You don't have to rush things now, just make sure to always try different things and explore as much as you can so that you will know your own likes and dislikes. Learn about hotel management, try doing something similar to that, explore new things and this is how you will know your own self better and will choose the correct career for you.

    Secondly, please don't force yourself to science stream if you don't like it. Maybe many of your friends will be opting for it but only if you are interested towards science. Its not like there is no career scope for other students who don't go for science. There is scope in every field so just opt for stream which you are most comfortable with.

  63. Hi sir,
    I'm doing my 12th right now with pcb combination. I'm interested in human behavior and want to do psychology but I've been advised against it as career opportunities for psychologists may not be plenty. Now I'm being asked to do mbbs and then specialize in psychiatry as the fields are quite similar but the little differences is what made me interested in psychology. Could you please help me?

  64. Hello, first of all I am very happy that you scrolled through all the comments above to ask your query and these small things really matter to us. Now lets come to your query. So as you said you are interested in Human Behavior and want to pursue Psychology but just because everyone says there is no scope in the field or should I put it as "Earning opportunities" in the field you are advised to go for MBBS and then Psychiatrist.

    Okay so lets break it down in small segments first.

    1. I would say that please remove this thinking of scope in a field because every field has scope in it and infinite earning opportunities but only condition is your own genuine interest in the field. So its not like there is no scope in Psychology, in fact there is. I can agree on the fact that in psychiatrist you will have more degree (MBBS and MD) so that you can have more opportunity but if you are not interested in it then to be frank it will be just a waste just if you are not satisfied with your own work.

    Now, you may be wondering how will you decide if you are interested in psychology or Psychiatrist? and with that will come to second part of our conversation.

    2. I agree both that professions are similar but not same. Yes in both of them you will be helping and guiding people to come out of depression or stress but the way to solve the problem will be different. As a Psychiatrist you can prescribe medicines to help your patient whereas psychologist helps to cure your problem by using their knowledge of human behavior and help them out by talking and guiding them back to the correct path.

    This was just a brief difference between both but you can look on internet about both the professions and difference between them, So how will you decide which to go for? Honestly its on you. Which method between both you think is best to treat and help people. Go for the method which you think is best.

    I hope this solves your query, if you have any other query or doubt, You can either reply here to comment or connect with us directly on our instagram @thestudentbaba

  65. If I am not wrong, you want to go for BSc in forensic science, right? See you can easily get admission in good colleges in India. Admission in BSc Forensic Science is merit based and you can get admission in some of the good colleges in India in 3rd or 4th merit list. If lucky enough, you can get into some of the best colleges as well. But if you are looking to get admission at this time of year then it can be hard because it's already december and admission in most of the colleges are now closed.

    One last thing which I would like to say is,yes college does play an important role in your career, completing graduation from a reputated good college will give you a boost in initial days of your career but in the end your skills and interest will keep you going. So in case even if you don't get admission in best colleges in India, don't let your moral down because if you are genuinely interested in it and focus on learning and skills then in the end you will do good in your career.

    I hope this helps, if you have any other query always feel free to connect with us anytime here or on Instagram @thestudentbaba

  66. Sir I am interested and wants to make a career in marine biology. I just want to ask what jobs I could get in this stream?

  67. Marine biology is indeed a very interesting field to go for since most percentage of marine life is still mystery to us. First of all I would like to appreciate you to follow the field you are interested towards. Now Marine life is huge and that's why there is not one proffession you can go for in Marine Biology.

    As obvious you can become Marine Biologist, you can even go for Fishery Biologist, Aqua Culturist, Enviornmental Consultant since Ocean are getting directly affected due to global warming. One of the interesting and most mysterious field would be Marine Archaeologist and you can even go for Marine research and be a researcher.

  68. Mam, recently I've read soo many articles saying that if you want to live a wealthy lifestyle then its better not to join psychology field. People in this field are moving to other fields after some years of work to earn more money. I'm confused. Please help me

  69. Reading articles and seeking help is fine but you don't let it control you. Be firm on your decision, these articles might change now or in near future. We all want to live a wealthy lifestyle but for that you have to go through a lot of hardships and struggles, especially to have a stable career. If you want to earn money you can do it in anyway, by expanding, by reaching out more and more people and looking at the scenario now people are understanding the need of mental health. People who have a broader perspective towards it and understand it more better but its still an issue for normal middle class people who are still scared of seeking help thinking log kya kahenge but if you could be the one to make them understand to make them feel better, then you would be the first one to do so. If you have the will to do Psychology, go for it, just remember one thing that nothing in this life comes easy, everything takes time and patience.

  70. Hi . I'm in class 12 currently. I want to become a psycholgist. Can you suggest some good colleges in India to pursue this…
    Also what are the required qualification after BA psychology

  71. Hello, first of all I would like to tell you that psychology is really a great field with tons of opportunities in future. Here is the list of some of the best colleges to pursue psychology in India:

    1. Lady Shree Ram College for Women
    2. Jesus and Mary College
    3. Jai Hind College Mumbai
    4. Fergusson College Pune
    5. Mithibai College Mumbai
    6. Christ University
    7. St. Xaviers Mumbai
    8. Kamala Nehru College for Women
    9. Gargi College, New Delhi
    10. St Xavier's College, Ahmedabad
    11. Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, Mumbai
    12. Loreto College, Kolkata
    13. Ashoka University, Sonipat
    14. Presidency College Chennai

  72. Hello first of all I would like to apologise for replying so late. Actually, past few weeks my mother was hospitalised and that's why I hardly got time to open or check anything. Since she got discharged today, I am now back at work and thanks to this one week experience, I guess now I can answer you question in more better way.

    So, you want to know about which is better between BSc Pharmacy or BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology. The thing is, both the career are equally good and have oppertunities to grow. Only thing is your interest. For example: In this one week experience, we had to visit many laboratories to get some test done like MRI, CT Scan, Sonography because my mother got nerve blockage in brain and that's why test was common thing in every 2 days. Do you know? In all the laboratories we went, there was this long queue of people.

    We had to wait atleast 2-3 hrs to get the test done and another 30 min to get the reports. This clearly shows the demand in laboratories now and with BSc in MLT (Medical Laboratory Technology) you can go into these laboratories as well as in hospitals, public health institues and clinics. All these places are in search of skilled people.

    Now with that being said, BSc pharmacy is another great option because pharma industry is one of the best industry to be in. There are lot's of opportunities for people in Pharma. You can work in any Pharma company or even open your own chemist shop. All these things are in demand right now and will be in future as well because health sector is going to grow only with exponential rate after this pandemic experience.

    So both the industries are good and have their own pros and cons. What really matters is your own choice, which of this will you enjoy more? Don't think about "Money" or "Scope" here because you can literally earn as much as you want and both the industries have lot of scope as I explained with my own personal experience. The thing which really matters in your decision should be your "INTEREST". Focus on which job profile excites you more and which one will you enjoy the most.

    I hope this helps you, please feel free to connect with us anytime if you have other queries or want to take this conversation further. Feel free to reach out to us anytime on Instagram @thestudentbaba

  73. Hello, Psychology is really a great field. Here are some of the top colleges in India to pursue psychology:

    1.Lady Shree Ram College for Women
    2.Jesus and Mary College
    3. Jai Hind College Mumbai
    4. Fergusson College Pune
    5. Mithibai College Mumbai
    6. Christ University
    7. St. Xaviers Mumbai
    8. Kamala Nehru College for Women
    9. Gargi College, New Delhi
    10. St Xavier's College, Ahmedabad
    11. Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College, Mumbai
    12. Loreto College, Kolkata
    13. Ashoka University, Sonipat
    14. Presidency College Chennai

  74. Hello sir, my son is in class 9th and very confused for choosing the career option as he is not interested in maths and also doesn't want to do medical with lengthy time plz suggest what to do

  75. Hello sir, first of all I would like to apologize for late reply. I would recommend that he is still in 9th and believe me, nobody is clear about the career at this young age. Science is not the only option after 12th there are other fields as well which are equally good and all a person needs is a genuine interest in the field to get success.

    My best suggestion is to let him explore different things and experience it. The more things he will explore the better he will know the world and most importantly understand himself. This is really important to select the best career and if you let him explore things around him now, he will do really good in life later where most of students struggle.

    I hope this solves your query, always feel free to connect with us anytime either here or directly on Instagram @thestudentbaba.

  76. There are various different option to choose from just make sure, to select a career in which you are interested in and enjoy doing. Earning opportunities and scope are secondary factor when selecting a right career option, the primary factor should be your own satisfaction and whether you enjoy it or not. I hope this helps, if you have any query always feel free to connect with us anytime on Instagram @thestudentbaba

  77. Some of the top colleges which provides degree in marine biology are:

    1. The National Institute of Oceanography, Goa
    2. Kerala University of Fisheries & Ocean Studies
    3. College of Fisheries, Kochi

    There are many other as well. Just look for them on the internet. These were the names which I could recall.

  78. Hello Alpesh,

    First of all thanks a lot for scrolling all the way through the whole page to comment your query. We really appreciate your time.

    I also appreciate your thought and the way you want to help people with your knowledge. See there are many ways you can help other, You can become a doctor and treat your patient, you can become psychologist or psychiatrist and help people to get out of depression.

    You can help people and don't think about memory or anything because that's actually not a primary concern. While deciding your career, you need to only think about whether you enjoy the work or not. Go for something which you find fascination and enjoy doing. Don't think about anything else and think if you actually love what you do and try to be totally honest with yourself.

    I hope this helps you, if you want to take this conversation ahead. Please feel free to connect with us anytime either by replying to this comment or connecting with us directly on instagram @thestudentbaba.

  79. Hi sir which college can i get in B.sc forensic science when my boards percentage is 92℅ . Can i get one of the best colleges out thr?

  80. Hello,

    Forensic science is really a gret option to go for. If you are interested in it, some of the top colleges for BSc in forensic in India are:

    1. Dr. Bhim rao ambedkar university in Agra,
    2. University of Madras,
    3. Osmania University.

    There are many more as well just try to google it and admission into these university is done base on merit. So with 92% you can easily get into one of these top universities. Just make sure to have a good aggregate percentage in Physics, Chem and Bio because during college admission they consider aggregate percentage and not overall percentage.

  81. Hi sir iam studying in 12 th PCB first I considered neet now I think that I don't have interest in MBBS or any medical field I love biology since I was in 6 th grade can you suggest me best course for suitable for me

  82. Hello,

    It's really good that you are aware of what you don't want to do, this way you can save yourself from taking wrong decision. Here we always recommend to follow tha career in a field which you are interested in and have some curiosity about. All the other things such as earning and career scope is also important but the first factor always should be to follow things which you enjoy.

    As you said, you love biology but don't want to go for MBBS or any other medical field. There are many options available as well apart from that, for example: Research field.

    Biology is a huge field and there are many things which are still unexplored. You can get into research field and try to explore different things but make sure to follow field which you enjoy.

    I hope this helps you, if you have any query please feel free to connect with us anytime here or on Instagram @thestudentbaba 🙂

  83. Hello sir. I have been hearing from people that, MBBS in India costs a lot and it would be better if its done in other countries. Sir I would like to know best colleges in other countries along with the course duration.

    1. Hi ish,

      Yes MBBS is certainly a costly course if you are going to do it from a private university. Therefore lot of students tries to get a seat in government college for MBBS. I will start working on the blog post about your query as soon as possible and it will be published soon. I will notify you whenever it will be available.

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